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What Vampires Abhor

It began as an innocent trip to the grocery store. I was in the produce section seeking the various vegetarian foodstuffs I need to make it through the week when I came across a monster. Well, more precisely, the mention … Continue reading U...

Creepy Realistic Redesigns of Cereal Mascots

by Guillermo Fajardo Related posts: Street Fighter II Realistic Redesigns Dark Realistic Versions of Studio Ghibli Characters [Anime] Dark Creepy Fan Art by Flavio Luccisano...
by on Oct 19, 2012

Funko Adds A Second Dimension To Their Vinyl Toy Line

Funko released images and preorder information for the upcoming Blox line of unique vinyl toys. I'm a big fun of all of Funko's line of vinyl figures including the bobble heads and more specifically the rounded, larger Pop! Vinyl figures that add a...
by Geeks of Doom on Nov 25, 2011

I Vant to Suck Yor Blood

It’s obvious that someone has had one too many bowls of Count Chocula or watched far too many episodes of those blood sucking vampire dramas on TV. This week police officials in Galveston, Texas reported that (an obviously mentally disturbed) 19-ye...
by The Ranter's Box on Aug 19, 2011

10 Images of Cereal Mascots as You’ve Never Seen Them

We have reached the point in our post-modern society where it is now necessary to deconstruct the cartoon shills of sugary breakfast foods for our own amusement. We will warp Captain crunch, distort Count Chocula, and utterly degrade Tony the Tiger.
by Joke Radar on Mar 14, 2011

Monsterous Cereals Make Spooktacular Breakfasts For Halloween & WIN

For more than 40 years, General Mills´ Monster Cereals have provided spoonfuls of spooky traditions and created Halloween memories all over the country. From September 26-October 31, head to your local Target® checkout aisle to check out the new lo...
by The Plus Size Mommy on Oct 11, 2010

Monster Cereals Review + Giveaway

Halloween is just around the corner and General Mills is ready to ring in the holiday with fun and yummy Monster Cereals!  Available for a limited time, you can purchase Monster Cereals at a Target near you – including Count Chocula, Boo Berry...
by The Mommy-Files on Oct 5, 2010


I just got my new Hello Kitty Loops cereal by Kelloggs. I don't think I will eat it even though I can. I'm a fruit loop for paying what I did for this. Speaking of cereal not only did I go to Target about a thousand times to find Hello...
by Hello Kitty Limited on Sep 29, 2010

In effort to prove Prize's complete irrelevance, Nobel Committee awards Peace prize to President who has done absolutely nothing

NORWAY-  In a surprise turn of events, the Nobel Prize Committee has bestowed its 2009 Peace Prize on yet another President who has done nothing, an action that has gotten most people thinking, "who the fuck cares about the Nobel Peace prize an...
by the squatting dog on Oct 12, 2009

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