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“I’ll vote to indict if that gets us out of here faster”: Horrifying tales from inside the grand jury room

(Media Release) It’s July when the notice arrives in the mail. At first, I think this must be a mistake. But there is my name in small black print, alongside a larger font in green that reads: JUROR. I’m surprised to receive a summons for jury du...
by Free PR Online on May 19, 2015

Former Winkler Co TX Atty Scott Tidwell Loses Criminal Appeal

 Like an old friend who always has an interesting tale to tell, The Unbelievable But True Story of the Nurses of Winkler County has paid us another visit. The Texas Eighth District Court of Appeals in El Paso has ruled on former attorney for Winlker...
by Law Med Blog on Dec 6, 2013

New York Personal Injury Law Firm Settles Department Store Slip and Fall Case in Nassau County

On a rainy day in August, a woman from Far Rockaway went shopping at a major department store in Nassau County. While shopping in the lingerie department, she slipped and fell on a puddle from a leak in the roof inuring her shoulder. She retained the...
by New York Law Thoughts on Dec 13, 2012

Early Vote Begins In Texas But Some Areas Trending Purple – Get Out and Vote!

Bob PriceAs the early vote begins in Texas, it is already underway in many states across America. Now is the time for us not to just get out the vote enough to win, but to bring all of our votes to the polls to send a clear message to our government.
by on Oct 22, 2012

Long Island Personal Injury Attorney Announces Settlement for a Trip and Fall at a Nassau County Drug Store

A Wantagh woman went to her local chain drug store to do some shopping. While walking past the refrigerators, she tripped over the shelf extending from the bottom of a display rack and injured her leg. After contemplating handling the matter by herse...
by New York Law Thoughts on Apr 13, 2012

Video marketing secrets revealed

Video is HOT right now and everybody knows it. It builds deeper relationships faster and converts higher. That’s the bottom line. We’ve been told this by virtually every Internet marketer (who is actually making money). Mojo Video Marketi...
by Internet Mastery Center Blog on Mar 23, 2012

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