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Are We Merry Yet???

It's less than a week before Christmas. Here are some hints and ideas to help get you into the holiday spirit and carry you through the holidays.
by Snippets of Design on Dec 19, 2016

Creating a Warm Welcome for Your Guests

Ideas for entertaining and pampering your house guests to help them feel special and welcome.
by Snippets of Design on Dec 6, 2016

Tufted Furniture – Get the Look

  I don’t know about you but I have this undeniable attraction to tufted furniture. It began, of course, with the ottoman....
by Snippets of Design on Aug 18, 2016

Free Crochet Pattern Simple Flower Plant Pot Cozy Crochet Pattern

Free Simple Flower or Plant Pot Cozy for Decorating up your Flower PotsSuggested yarn is Phentex® Slipper & Craft Yarn: 1 skein of color of choice - this is an Olefin Exelon long-wearing yarn that is perfect for projects where dur...
by Craft drawer on Jun 29, 2016

My Cozy Kitchen Toy

Redo Kids Picnic TableThey head into large, glass team rooms to collaborate, or into one of the many focus rooms or cozy alcoves for an immaculately run kitchen,” Coe said. “One day, I was tasting something and accidentally put the spoon in my p...
by Kitchen Interior on Jun 27, 2016

Wine and Popcorn Outdoor Movie Night

Throw a great wIne, popcorn, and outdoor movie night for your friends!
by Snippets of Design on Jun 24, 2016

Industrial Farmhouse Chic

Get the look: Industrial farmhouse with guest writer Kayla from LuxeDecor.
by Snippets of Design on Jun 22, 2016

Decorating the Piano

When I was young, I played the piano. I used to LOVE playing the piano. I could feel the music as...
by Snippets of Design on Jun 2, 2016

Cozy in Concrete

My pup Nugget might not care what his bed looks like but I sure do! If I have to look at it, it better be unique, void of bright colors, and not just look like a floppy cushion on the floor. This concrete cat/dog bed satisfies all those things and mo...
by Best Environment Design on May 20, 2016

Be Cozy with eCozy!

The eCozy smart heating solution is a design-driven, intelligent thermostat that saves up to 30% in annual heating costs easily and conveniently! Designed for water radiators and heaters, the system consists of: eCozy thermostats, an eCozy smartphone...
by Best Environment Design on May 18, 2016

Simple Folded Felt Bowls

The coziness of soft fabric + a geometric edge makes this felt bowl a unique vessel to hold your keys, coins, sewing bits, or even potpourri. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a template and the bowl itself – it’s fun! Stiffen...
by Home decoration on May 6, 2016


How lovely to start the day with thought that you have a whole free week ahead ;) Because of the finals whole next week I don't have to go to school and finally after all this snow and rain weather is gorgeous ! And also as I promised here it is ! Ne...
by VICIRAGE on Apr 30, 2016


The adage is still true, the days are long but the weeks and months go so fast! But it’s Friday…Fri-NALLY! I can’t believe April is over and this week just completely flew by. I started this post on Tuesday, put it down and just rea...
by I'd Roll need on Apr 29, 2016

Cozy Boys New Mix

The latest installment of #WavyWednesdays includes a twist this time around with a mix from the Cozy Boys. Hot on the heels of a number of new tracks that have dropped over the past few weeks, the 36-minute mashup piles up popular and underground son...
by The Drop NYC on Apr 29, 2016

Rekomendasi Tempat Makan dan Wisata Kuliner Bandung yang Menarik

  assalamualaikum.. hello .. berikut adalah wisata kuliner bandung yang recomended untuk anda , wisata kuliner unik bandung , makan di luar sekalian refreshing dibandung , yang sebagian mungkin jarang dan belum pernah anda coba, atau mungkin a...
by gorekomendasi on Apr 25, 2016

Cozy Apartment in Bucharest Optimizes Space and Light

Located in a newly built residential complex in Bucharest, Romania, this 538 square-foot home, named Apartment No. 3, optimizes space and light. Bogdan Ciocodeică & Diana Roşu teamed up to design a cozy apartment that offers both aesthetic har...
by khairuddinuad on Apr 22, 2016

Rekomendasi Cafe Asik dan Tempat Nongkrong Unik di Bandung

assalamualaikum… terimakasih sudah berkenan berkunjung ke gorekomendasidotcom Tempat Nongkrong di Bandung ya yang kita bahas disini adalah tentang bandung , kota yang kreatif adem asik Bandung tak pernah kehabisan inovasi dlm menciptakan sejuml...
by gorekomendasi on Apr 20, 2016

Breakfast in Bed Made Easy

    A tradition that has always been there in my family is breakfast in bed.  It has always been...
by Snippets of Design on Apr 19, 2016

Flight from Sofia Minsk via Moscow Sheremetevo airport a few impressions from Russia and Belarus

Thanks God, today we had a safe flight  for one more time with my wife Svetlana from Sofia  airport Vrazhdebna ( Terminal 2 )  to Minsk Belarus National Airport. We travel 2 times to Belarus from Bulgaria (European Union) and...

Cozy-Heater LLC Ezy Mount Stand EzyM

Go to .. Find best branded product like Cozy-Heater LLC EzyM Ezy Mount Stand. Order Now by Go to Our Store! Read Review and Buy a Cozy-Heater LLC EzyM. Shop Now in USA!Brand […] The post Cozy-Heater LLC Ezy M...

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