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Brolly @ Menara Felda, Platinum Park Kuala Lumpur

Feast Big with 9 Sensational Experiences!Good Golly Miss Molly! There’s a new kid in town and its BIG… a haven for foodies looking for a feast. Brolly is the name and 9 experiences is their game. Seek out Brolly at Menara Felda in Kuala Lumpur al...
by ChasingFoodDreams on Oct 13, 2015

#1797: Wai Wai Instant Rice Vermicelli Crab Flavour

Here’s another one my sister got for me while up in Canada a couple of weeks ago! Thanks, Sue! I’ve been really hoping to try more rice vermicelli lately but been having trouble sourcing any from around here and hoping to find some manufa...
by The Ramen Rater on Oct 6, 2015

#1785: Super Instant Noodles Black Pepper Crab Mi Goreng

One of the last ones I got during my trip to Penang, Malaysia last year to visit the folks at MyKuali. This is from a store called Econsave. I had seen this Super brand before but was always curious if I’d end up with any of them; very elusive.
by The Ramen Rater on Sep 23, 2015

Best Late Summer Soup

Pretty, isn't it?  And, oh Mama!  Is it Good!!!  This is based on a recipe I found in Coastal Living this summer.  We've had regular gazpacho all summer, but, now that the corn and tomatoes are at their peak, I decided to try this...
by A Toile Tale on Sep 9, 2015

Dungeness Crab Alfredo Fettuccine Recipe: Rich and Creamy!!!

“Sweet, delicious Dungeness crab is always a treat.” ~ Tom Douglas My first meal after a day out crabbing is always surf and turf. I immediately head to the supermarket and collect the finest rib eye or New York strip steaks I can find, r...
by A 12 Gauge Girl on Aug 31, 2015

How to Catch Crabs - Blue Crab Crabbing Tips

Today we have a slightly different episode, as we’re not technically ‘fishing’, but instead crabbing! We’re geared up with a very simple setup as we aim to catch ourselves some blue crabs. If the video does not load, you can...

Crab Salad with a Fresh Coriander Dressing

This delightful Crab Salad with a Fresh Coriander Dressing is the perfect dish to serve as a light lunch, or as a starter for a dinner party.  The cool sweet meat, the slightly bitter greens and the sharp, yet balanced dressing come together to lig...
by Hedgecombers on Aug 19, 2015

Crab n’ Crew Seafood Bags 999 Only

Satisfy your cravings with our delightfully flavored SEAFOOD BAGS! For inquiries and reservations please call Crab n’ Crew PH at 709-37-40 or text 0923-525-18-43. Let’s get our hands dirty! #crabncrew... Read more »...
by Best Food In Town on Aug 16, 2015

Cleaning Up Those Dungies! – A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Dungeness Crab

“I would be the simple fisherman in Perseus village. He lives a quiet life, brings in crab pots and is extremely happy.” ~Sam Worthington One of the more difficult parts to learn when taking up hunting and fishing is how to clean the anim...
by A 12 Gauge Girl on Aug 11, 2015

Menu Harga the Holy Crab Restoran Seafood Unik di Jakarta

Menu Harga the Holy Crab Restoran Seafood Unik di Jakarta - The Holy Crab tentu sudah tidak asing lagi bagi para pencinta seafood di Jakarta. Restoran ini adalah restoran seafood dengan menu utamanya yaitu kepiting atau Crab. Harga The Holy Crab untu...

Crabbing in the San Juan Islands

“You cannot teach a crab to walk straight.” ~ Aristophanes I am not a morning person. I struggle with getting out of bed. I can recall a story from the past (okay, it was just last spring) where I may or may not have elected to stay in be...
by A 12 Gauge Girl on Aug 7, 2015

Harga Menu Holy Crab di Bali

Harga Menu Holy Crab di Bali - Kepiting merupakan salah satu seafood yang banyak digemari masyarakat karena kelezatan serta dagingnya yang lembut. Meskipun makanan yang satu ini tinggi akan kolesterol namun tetap saja banyak dicari untuk dilahap. Apa...

Daftar Harga Menu Cut The Crab Jakarta

Daftar Harga Menu Cut The Crab Jakarta -Pecinta kuliner tentunya tak asing dengan tempat makan yang satu ini. Namanya Cut The Crab. Sesuai dengan namanya, tempat makan yang satu menyediakan menu-menu special yang menggoda dengan bahan Baku kepiting.

Quinoa and Cajun Crab Cakes Learn to start your own business for free with my tips and ideas. Content, blogging, SEO everything from soup to nuts to make you successful. The post Quinoa and Cajun Crab Cakes appeared first on All About You!. Quinoa an...
by All About You on Jul 25, 2015

Chili Mud Crab Recipe

How to cook Chili Mud Crab The Chili Mud Crab Recipe is a delectable seafood dish that will always leave you craving for more. You’ll eat more than your usual serving of rice once you get to taste it. The name instantly gives you a clue. Yes, this.
by Filipino Recipes on Jul 11, 2015

Top 5: Short Anime

Here’s a quick little list about little anime.  “Short” anime are shows that have episodes which are less than 15 min. long.  These shows tend to be placed in the interstices of Japanese television programming, such as in the afte...
by Popculturemecha on Jul 8, 2015


Lumpia dengan isi; sayur, ragout ayam, cah telur sayur, sudah banyak kita jumpai dan nikmati. Tak ada salahnya bila Anda mencoba membuat kreasi lumpia dengan beragam isi dalamnya. Yuuk…! mencoba membuat lumpia dengan variasi lain, “Lumpia isi cra...
by Hobi Masak on Jun 26, 2015

10 Foods That is Containing a Lot of Zinc

10 Foods That is Containing a Lot of Zinc – Zinc is a mineral that is needed by your body. You need to get zinc from different food sources to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because there are very few foods rich in zinc, which is making it difficult...
by Health Information on Jun 9, 2015

Top 5 Reasons Why Seafood Sucks

Top 5 Reasons Why Seafood Is So Disgusting I hate anything they call food that comes from the sea. I have never liked it and, at 50 years old, probably never will. I love going to the ocean but there is nothing more disgusting to me than being taken...
by jpshaversays on Jun 9, 2015


A meteor crashes into a quiet lake in the remote countryside and awakens a centuries-old beast, who tears through a nearby town and its inhabitants, who must fight for their lives and stop this Queen Crab before she can hatch an army of babies. I ten...
by Written in Blood on Jun 5, 2015

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