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The Middle Ages Come to Hamilton

Hamilton may be the City of the Future, but that doesn’t stop it celebrating the past. The Waikato Waldorf School’s annual Medieval Carnival is set to become a destination event, attracting people from all over New Zealand. I went to this year’...
by POMS AWAY! on May 17, 2015

Brooklyn design fair

Friends, wonderful craft markets seem to be popping up all over the show these days. I love it! I love this move towards small, local...
by of Beauty and Love on Jul 22, 2014

Small qualification advisory! DUMBO’s Archway to be one-day marketplace on May 21

The Brooklyn Craft Central Spring Market is not your run-of-the-mill travel fair. On May 21, a Belgian blocks underneath a DUMBO Archway will turn home to Etsy-type crafters, song and juicy food vendors as Brooklyn Craft Central throws a annual ̷...

Madrid, XXIII Edition “Craft Market Madrid”

XXIII Edition “Craft Market of Madrid” – van 17 December tot 5 Januarie. Plaza de España Again, on the Plaza of Spain, " XXIII Feria Craft Market of Madrid" which came last year about 300,000 visitors. Among the 200 exh...
by Habitat Apartments on Dec 19, 2010

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