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Quote of the Day - Jay Carney Edition

“A lot of that is due to younger people getting more of an education, which is an economic positive,” Jay Carney, White House Spokesman, on what will happen to the unemployment number when the more than one million people who were removed from th...
by just a conservative girl on Feb 7, 2012

A Random Conversation with a Liberal

I have been under the weather as of late so I have not really posting all that much of late. Boy, much has happened over the past week or so; where to begin. I have a part-time job. I work there for the insurance not really the paycheck. But obvio...
by just a conservative girl on Feb 4, 2012

My Former Congressman - I am So Proud

Praise God, I no longer live in this man's district. But sadly, I still feel the effects. Jim Moron Moran is an embarrassment to Northern Virginia to the point that most die hard democrats I know can't stand him. But they would rather cut off...
by just a conservative girl on Feb 2, 2012

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