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Croatian Beauty Stole the Show at the Croatia-Portugal Game

It was only two days ago, but we still remember the so-called “match” between Croatia and Portugal – and pray to not watch anything like this never again. It was probably the most boring sports game in a major tournament, with the unbelievable...
by EURO 2016 Girls on Jun 27, 2016

Girl of the Game 25.Jun: Croatia – Portugal

Portugal defeated Croatia in a match that no one will want to remember. After the most boring 117 minutes of your life, a late goal sent the Portuguese to the quarter-finals. For Man of the Game was rewarded the young talent and big hope for Portugue...
by EURO 2016 Girls on Jun 26, 2016

Croatian Girls

The teams of Czech Republic and Croatia draw 2-2 in the second stage match in their EURO 2016 group. Croatians had the win in their pocket leading 2-0, but made some terrible mistakes in defense, and this along with the awesome support of Czech girls...
by EURO 2016 Girls on Jun 17, 2016

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