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Gamine Haircut

Gamine hairstyles are sleek and chic styles that are quickly emerging as a very popular choice among many women.This style originally emerged in the sixties and seventies as a style fitted for small framed individuals with sharp features.It gained so...
by New Hairstyles For Women on Dec 6, 2010

Crop hairstyles for women

Celebrity Kate Holmes Crop hairstyleVery Short Crop hairstylefashionable crop hairstyle...
by Fashion Hairstyles Blog on Nov 27, 2010

Short Crop Haircut

Short Crop Haircut,crop hairstyle with texture created by a mix of razor and precision hair cutting in dark red tone color.
by Hair Style Trends on Nov 25, 2010


Hairstyle TipsPeople tend to worry not only about falling or thin hair but those with good density of hair also face the problem of taking care of their hair. They try so many things to manage their hair, only to end up feeling a bit frustrated. Go t...
by latest hair styles on Nov 12, 2010

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