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How To Ensure Crowd Control At Sporting Events?

Be it in the playground of a college or some large stadium, any sporting event always consists of a huge gathering of fans cheering for the competing teams and creating nothing less than a commotion.
by Corporate Web Affairs on Jul 15, 2016

Turnstiles for Building Crowd Control

Every commercial building in the US should have a proper security management system. If you are responsible for the maintenance and management of an important office building in town, you need to install all the right equipment to ensure the highest...
by Danielle Business on Jul 18, 2014

They can see your home from here …

Can you see your home in this screenshot? Don’t worry if you can’t; gatecrashers can easily get a bird’s-eye view just for you. And if your property has any weaknesses, they’ll even show up in person. A new craze Teens now take mobile-phone s...
by Secure in the Knowledge on Jun 16, 2014

A New Year of living dangerously?

Here’s a spot check of how Australians rang in the New Year. New South Wales Young woman attacked while walking home alone. Teen king hit in Kings Cross. Western Australia Young man killed at party. Partygoers overdose at event. Victoria Melbourne...
by Secure in the Knowledge on Jan 2, 2014

How to have a Happy New Year

When panicked parents ring days before a party, wanting my help, I assume they’re willing to follow my expert recommendations. This does not mean you can: Put your child in charge of an event. Pick and choose the recommendations you want (e.g. ditc...
by Secure in the Knowledge on Dec 30, 2013

Toddler or teen?

Life skills Most teens are keen to experience adult life and be treated with respect. This is a natural part of growing up, but it’s a two-way deal. For it to work, teenagers must give a bit; they can’t just take, take and take. We’re not talki...
by Secure in the Knowledge on Oct 29, 2013

Death race 2013

Mighty quest For two years I’ve been campaigning nationally for legislative change in relation to teen parties. As the recent spate of party-related damage, injury and death clearly shows, we need solutions more than ever. Litany of loss On Wednesd...
by Secure in the Knowledge on Oct 9, 2013

000 No!

by Secure in the Knowledge on Aug 28, 2013

Party Survival App arrives!

The Party Survival App is a mobile application that assists with planning a safe teenage party providing parents with a step by step guide for party planners that includes a party checklist, a venue safety checklist together with an alcohol managemen...
by Secure in the Knowledge on Aug 21, 2013

Crowd Control Barricade Jackets – Security With Style

Introduction — Steel barricades accessorized using vinyl jackets have grown to be a significantly common look at spots and situations nationwide. After they feature Spencer (also often called covers), crowd command barriers not simply serve his...
by AG Jeans on May 29, 2013

Happy snaps

Ever keen to improve teen party safety, my team and I have been trying innovative solutions to the gatecrasher plague. And boy, are we onto a winner! Fixed cameras are proving to be a cheap, easy yet amazingly effective deterrent for unwanted guests.
by Secure in the Knowledge on May 3, 2013

Drugged up

If you thought bad acid went out with Woodstock, think again. Today’s LSD is called ‘Psy acid’ and your teenager may be on it. This news story backs up what my staff and I are dealing with at the coal face: hard drugs are filtering into teen ev...
by Secure in the Knowledge on Mar 13, 2013

Unhappy Halloween

While Western Australia is in election mode, teen parties continue to cause havoc in the community – creating nights more terrifying than any Halloween. Yet this horror is well within our power to control. An ounce of prevention … I’ve alwa...
by Secure in the Knowledge on Nov 2, 2012

A peek at your destiny

There are some things you just don’t want to spend money on. Insurance, dental work and red-light camera fines spring to mind. These expenses sure ain’t fun, but failing to cover them can cost you a whole lot more down the track. Unfortunately, t...
by Secure in the Knowledge on Oct 14, 2012

Carrot-Top Clearance Products

Carrot-Top Industries is a website that providing all types of Flags, Banner and Trade Show products for you to shop. When you visit Carrot-Top website you will find their products that separate into many categories for example American Flags, State...
by Coupon Online Codes on Oct 2, 2012

The rise of the ‘hatecrasher’

Young. Strong. Spiteful. Vicious. Terrifying.   When it comes to gatecrashers, I’ve seen it all. But now I’m witnessing a new level of violence – fuelled by a blind, searing hatred of everyone and everything. This disturbing shift is so pr...
by Secure in the Knowledge on Sep 8, 2012

Crowd Control Stanchions

Indolutions Inc. is your one stop shop for a wide variety of crowd control stanchions and other crowd control equipment. They offer high quality products which include Retracta-Belt Retractable Stanchions, Velour / Naugahyde / Velvet / Polypropylene...
by Technofied on Aug 1, 2012

Why each parent should have 20 kids

As teen parties get bigger, riskier and more elaborate, host parents are finding there’s extra help at hand: other parents and responsible (i.e. mature, sober) adults. This is good news, as parents planning teen events need all the help they can ge...
by Secure in the Knowledge on Jul 30, 2012

100 is enough!

As our communities struggle to cope with the rise of teen parties, we now have a popularity contest: 100 guests (or more) is the new way to be cool and hip! Yes, teen parties are getting bigger. I’m now regularly speaking to parents planning 150+ g...
by Secure in the Knowledge on Jun 28, 2012

Death rattle

What’s up, Western Australia?! From what we’ve read these last few months, you really are dying to have fun. Since the start of March, 40 of your teen parties have hit the media for appalling reasons. In case you’ve been lying drunk in a ditch...
by Secure in the Knowledge on Jun 12, 2012

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