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Top 10 Universities in the World (2013-14)

There are many respective universities in the world, but among them which universities are the best? That’s what we are going to discuss here is the top 10 universities in the world of 2013-14 session. Universities possesses very crucial roles in o...

Miss Philippines Megan Young won Miss World 2013 Title

Philippines beauty Megan Youngwon Miss World 2013 by beating 130 contestants across the world on 28th September 2013. This was the 63rd Miss World competition and this is the first time Miss Philippines has been awarded the title. The grand final of...

Peace without war and war without Americans?

As the United States pivots and the Financial Crisis bites, how can Europeans respond? In International Affairs, the journal of Chatham House, Sven Biscop outlines his thoughts.
by European Geostrategy on Sep 14, 2013

Interview with Margarita Šešelgytė

In this twelfth interview in European Geostrategy’s interview series, James Rogers interviews the University of Vilnius’s Margarita Šešelgytė on the current Lithuanian presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Eastern Neighbourhood...
by European Geostrategy on Sep 7, 2013

Syria: end of the British ‘global era’?

What does the British Parliament’s vote in relation to Syria mean? Is the United Kingdom less of a missionary power now – an increasingly, a ‘normal’ European country – or are other factors to blame? Will British expeditionary forces be kee...
by European Geostrategy on Sep 1, 2013

Europeans in the Indo-Pacific?

What are the best articles to read to understand the European interests in the Indo-Pacific region? Are we now witnessing the rise of a new generation of British and French scholar-strategists?
by European Geostrategy on Jul 7, 2013

What future for European land power?

The European Union’s focus on terrestrial rapid reaction has prevented it from developing a fully-spectrum understanding of military power, namely the ability to contain, deter, coerce and destroy, simultaneously. What do Europeans have to do to in...
by European Geostrategy on Jun 23, 2013

Kenneth Waltz and proliferation

Kenneth Waltz is well known for his advocacy that ‘more is better’ in relation to countries with nuclear weapons – even regimes like those in Iran. However, was he right, or simply misguided?
by European Geostrategy on Jun 15, 2013

Misreading the European playground?

Last month, European Geostrategy published a Long Post by Xymena Kurowska and Bence Németh on the geopolitics of the Central European playground. Here, Michal Onderco offers a slightly alternative view of the situation.
by European Geostrategy on Jun 5, 2013

Interview with Robert Johnson (Part 2)

Daniel Fiott interviews the University of Oxford’s Robert Johnson on Afghanistan, the Sahel crisis and the upcoming December 2013 European Council meeting on defence.
by European Geostrategy on Jun 2, 2013

A playground in Central Europe?

In the sixth of European Geostrategy’s ‘Long Posts’, Xymena Kurowska and Bence Németh enquire as to whether Central Europe has become a geopolitical playground for a plethora of internal, external and ‘caretaking’ powers. How might the reg...
by European Geostrategy on May 21, 2013

Bid Adieu Sir Alex Ferguson, End of an Era

                       It is hard to imagine Manchester United Football club without Sir Alex Ferguson, but now we have to, because the great scot-man decided to put an end to his spectacular managing carrier. In his 26-years of...

European armaments in the French White Paper

How is the European military-industrial base articulated in the French Defence White Paper? Is it still central to French interests, or increasingly less important?
by European Geostrategy on May 15, 2013

Interview with Volker Perthes

In the tenth of European Geostrategy’s interview series, Daniel Fiott speaks with Volker Perthes, of the Institute for Foreign and Security Policy in Berlin.
by European Geostrategy on Apr 22, 2013

T.V Most Popular Topic of Twitter

Twitter Popular Topic                     A recent survey revealed that T.Vis the most trending topic of the popular micro blogging social networking platform twitter. As per reports almost 40 percent of tweets on Twitter are ma...

Cyber Attack on Central Bank of Australia

Cyber Attack on Reserve Bank of Australia The Central Bank of Australia has admitted that it has been the victim of a cyber attack, as some hackers targeted it for reasons best known to them. A report on this had been published on a popular Austra...

Interview with Benoit Gomis

In the eighth of European Geostrategy’s interview series, James Rogers speaks to Benoit Gomis about the British-French Alliance, the French-led operation in Mali and the future of London-Paris relations.
by European Geostrategy on Mar 11, 2013

Tech Giant Intel Unveils Latest Software Platform for Crunching Massive Data

                                   The technology giant Intel has unveiled a latest brand new software platform, which will help to perform number-crunching very easily on massive scale. This is the brand new offerin...

Interview with Robert Cooper

In the sixth of European Geostrategy’s interview series, Daniel Fiott speaks to Robert Cooper about the European Security Strategy, European enlargement, British relations with the rest of the European Union, and ‘neo-idealism’ as a foreign pol...
by European Geostrategy on Feb 17, 2013

Arms and Insurgency: from Mali to Syria

Rather than a ring of friends, the European Union seems to have become surrounded by a belt of insurgency and insurrection in the Southern Neighbourhood. Where are the weapons being used there going? Are they are threat to Europeans? How can they be...
by European Geostrategy on Jan 20, 2013

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