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Nascar the Game 2013 – Review

Developer/Publisher: Eutechnyx Introduction So last week I got Nascar the Game 2013 and have been playing it every day since I bought it. First a little background for you few people who have been living under rock let me explain what Nascar the Game...
by Beer andJoysticks on Aug 4, 2013

Why performance feedback is important – for managers and employees

Providing feedback increases employee engagement, so is this something that managers are encouraged to do – at all? And do managers receive any feedback on the feedback they give?
by Manager by Design on Mar 25, 2013

Current management design: The one with the ideas becomes the manager

Those who come up with the ideas are leaders. Then they’re put in charge of a team to make the ideas happen, so now they’re managers. Is this good design?
by Manager by Design on Jun 18, 2012

Management Design: The Designs we have now: Part time strategist, part time manager

Ever wonder why some managers seem bad at all aspects of their management job? It’s because of bad design. Here’s an illustration.
by Manager by Design on Jun 11, 2012

Management Design: The designs we have now – Manager knows and supports only one possible strategy

Is your management team, by design, resistant to change? Here’s a management and leadership model that shows why managers won’t be bought in to a new strategy.
by Manager by Design on Jun 4, 2012

Ride the Recession with Equity Release

Let’s face it in the current state of the world economy no one is safe. With rising costs and an unsteady job market many fear that they are not as financially stable as they could be. Those who own their own home at least have some source of e...
by Our Happy Money on Feb 12, 2012

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