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July 2014 Reader on Coding in Education

I'm so glad that there's no shortage of new resources and articles on this critical subject! NYC’s Flatiron School Raises $5.5 Million To Teach People To Code For A Living [TechCrunch]Game Maven Teaches You How to Code While Making Games [Lifehacke...
by I Want to Teach Forever on Jul 18, 2014

Spring Break 2014 Reader on Coding in Education

With 11K Pre-Orders, Play-i Lands $8M To Teach Kids To Code With Interactive Toy Robots [TechCrunch] - Coming soon! This is an exciting development. I heard a recent TED talk adapted for NPR about how robots change the way we react to technology, inc...
by I Want to Teach Forever on Mar 14, 2014

Weekend Reader: New Ideas For The Arts In The Classroom

How To Introduce Kids To Tough Topics? Art And TV Can Help [NPR] Integrating Arts and Tech Simultaneously: Four Lesson Ideas [The Inspired Classroom] - Great interdisciplinary ideas! We Should Probably Turn Textbooks Into Comic Books [GOOD] Powerf...
by I Want to Teach Forever on Sep 20, 2013

Weekend Reader on Community Service in Education

Let Students Design Their Own Social Change Projects [GOOD] Blake Kernen: The Case for Community Service [HuffPo] 3 Ways to Use Microcredit to Invest Your Students [This blog] The Complete Guide to Service Learning: Proven, Practical Ways to Engag...
by I Want to Teach Forever on Aug 9, 2013

Weekend Reader on Entrepreneurship in Schools

Fishtree Blog — The Skills of Tomorrow Public speaking. [Fishtree blog via GOOD] - The author discusses whether entrepreneurship should be taught in schools. 3 Ways Schools Can Encourage Student Entrepreneurship [Edudemic] Teach Your Kids the Val...
by I Want to Teach Forever on Jul 19, 2013

Basics of Quadratic Functions iPad (Tablet) Project

For the last few years, when my students were learning about the graphs of simple quadratic functions (usually ones in the form y = ax2 + c), they would make posters of quadratic equations and label key parts.  As we discussed solving quadratic...
by I Want to Teach Forever on Jul 1, 2013

A Brief Collection of Critical Topics Missing From Most Curricula, Part 2

Entrepreneurship: Rise of the Mini-Preneurs: A Kid-Run Virtual Lemonade Stand To Teach Entrepreneurship [GOOD] Independence: Hacking the Classroom to Encourage Student Independence [THE Journal] Financial literacy: Moneythink: Giving a Handup (Not...
by I Want to Teach Forever on Apr 12, 2013

Don't Stop Trying Bold New Ideas, Even When You Fail

Right before school started last fall, I made a list of several new ideas I wanted to try out in the year ahead.  Some of them had been ruminating in my mind for years, and I felt that I had a unique opportunity in a new situation to build the c...
by I Want to Teach Forever on Jun 25, 2012

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