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My Ride-On Fantasy!

My imaginary boyfriend and I were today bemoaning the state of our incredibly overgrown lawn. After much imaginary discussion (in my head), we decided that the thing to do would be to employ an imaginary Groundskeeper, who could research possible sol...
by Life In a Scots Sitting Room on Jul 26, 2010

A Weekend of Cyber Surfing

Greetings Readers! How did you spend your weekend? Did you have fun? Go to places you've never been before? Meet new and interesting people? Get drunk? I did all of the above, and more.... well, I virtually did - I didn't actually get drunk because...
by Life In a Scots Sitting Room on Jul 18, 2010

Welcome to Facebook!

Wow! I'm loving this! There's a whole new world out there on Facebook...... Okay, so I may be getting over-excited about this, but Hey - why not? In the week or so since my first blog, I've been running around on the net (virtually, of course, no ac...
by Life In a Scots Sitting Room on Jun 29, 2010

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