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31 Things I Know Now That I’m 31: #2 — Your Parents are Real People… Just Like You!

Parenting is no joke. Though I’m only 18 months into my parenting journey, I’ve already taken note of ways my behaviour’s impacting my impressionable little son. Like his surprise one Saturday morning upon waking up from a nap, f...
by Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad on May 2, 2015

FREE Parents Magazine Subscription

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by My Free Product Samples on Apr 13, 2015

Breastfeeding! Why is it controversial?

I had not realized the controversy over breastfeeding until I became a parent blogger! Now it seems at least once a week I notice another news worthy story about a mother who has been asked to breastfeed elsewhere. I truly am in disbelief and amazed...
by Modern Dad Pages on Mar 26, 2015

The Longest Dad Day (A Day without Baseball)

     Since that little sandy haired blue eyed boy first showed an interest in America's pastime one thing has been constant.  I've been there.  I was there the day he picked out his first little baseball glove.  I w...
by The Uber Dad Chronicles on Mar 10, 2015

When your baby turns 16 and becomes a young man

My eldest Ryley turned 16 this past Monday and I am still not sure how I feel about it! I’ve watched him grow from birth to now and when I think back through the years with all the changes that he has gone through, the good times and the bad ti...
by Modern Dad Pages on Feb 18, 2015

Hey NYC parents – your spawn are not my problem!

Did she just really ask me to watch her spawn from Hell? Now, I am a responsible kind of fellow, and maybe I have that composure of which people seem to trust me for some reason. Yet, here I am baffled … Continue reading →...
by The Regular Guy NYC on Jan 18, 2015

Fun Getting To Know You Christmas Questions

Here are some fun getting to know you Christmas questio […]...
by It's in the Details on Dec 19, 2014

Friday Diary

Are you glad it's the end of the working week? Back in 1953, in Dad's world, it wasn't all fun and frivolity during a Friday evening. He kept dozens of diaries, but not all entries are show stoppers. I must admit though, he was pretty succinct.
by Hiking Fiasco on Dec 4, 2014

My Big Fat Greek Birthday and Blogiversary Party

This Sunday I turn 34 and my blog turns 4! I actually think my blog was born on the 10th of November in 2010 but so as not to forget, I changed the publish date of my FIRST POST to my birthday!
by Honest Mum on Nov 13, 2014

Lessons from Cracker Jacks

I was recently contemplating the past, something I find myself doing more and more as I get older, when the thought of something exciting returned from my childhood. Cracker Jacks! Yes, we still see Cracker Jacks today on the shelves of our grocery s...
by Dad Talk on Sep 7, 2014

Kurdish father grieves over death of disabled son

In a camp for Yazidi refugees, near what was the Iraqi-Syrian border, the father who had to abandon his disabled child has learned that his son has died. Jalal Badr Piso and his wife were forced to abandon their disabled four-year-old son, Aziz, on S...
by Latest News - YleNews.Com on Aug 31, 2014

Morning Cup of Soul: The Chi-Lites - Let Me Be The Man My Daddy Was

My Dad and IHappy Father's Day to all the fathers. Here is a great song from Chicago's own The Chi-Lites. Anybody that has been blessed with a great father wouldn't mind being the man their father was/is. I was blessed with one!
by The Fresh Music Page on Jun 15, 2014

4 Great Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day usually brings up fond memories. It reminds us of the time we went for a fishing trip with our dad or the time he taught us how to... The post 4 Great Gifts for Father’s Day appeared first on .
by Stagetecture on Jun 11, 2014

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Dad On Father’s Day

For children, Father’s day is the perfect day to present a gift to their dad. But what Father’s Day gift would make their dad really happy? Whether you’re a daughter or a son, I know this would be on your mind whenever Father’s Day approa...
by Aha-NOW! : a family blog on Jun 10, 2014

The Best Dad in Town

I believe there is never something like a perfect dad. As human beings, we are always susceptible to committing mistakes. We all have flaws in our own life. This is why, I never aimed to be a perfect father but the best father for my kids instead. By...
by Life Matters and More! on Jun 8, 2014

My Dad Is Special Because Craft! A Kids DIY Upcycling Gift For Father’s Day!

Father’s Day will be here in a few weeks and if you are looking for some gift inspiration, here is a craft that my kids made for their Dad. We took everyday household items, along with containers destined for the recycle bin, and turned them i...
by Frugal and Fun Mom on May 27, 2014

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