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Star Wars' "DJ Dooku" hosts an epic Jedi dance party in this fun fan edit.

Who said that the Jedi didn't know how to party?? Check out this hilariously fun video that uses footage from various Star Wars films to show Count Dooku, aka DJ Dooku, hosting the most epic Jedi dance party that there ever was. Enjoy!Show your suppo...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Dec 20, 2016

Sexy Anemone Shrimp

24th edition of Marine Life monthly post. Marine Life post published every 19th of the month. It aims to share information on marine life species and to promote their conservation. All […]...
by indahs travel photography on Dec 19, 2016

Music Monday With Holiday Cheer

Good morning and welcome back to Music Monday. Today we are enjoying the final countdown to Christmas. With Christmas being just 6 days away I [...] The post Music Monday With Holiday Cheer appeared first on Everyday Life.
by Everyday Life on Dec 19, 2016

Childhood’s End (2015), venimos en son de paz

"Childhood's End" es una desangelada ^_^ adaptación de la novela homónima de Arthur C. Clarke; empieza guay pero la intención de lo pretende contar se pierde en subtramas innecesarias.
by Zinemaníacos on Dec 16, 2016

12 Days of Anime #3: Heroics in Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance

There are many wonderful moments to enjoy in Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance (Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu), but the opening fight between Gieve and Hilmes stole the premiere episode for me and affirmed my opinion that Gieve, is indeed, the most ov...
by Anime Monographia on Dec 16, 2016

Eclipse Art: Awesome!

This Eclipse painting is self-explanitorily titled “Awesome!” The sun and moon during this moment of total solar eclipse are larger than life. I painted the details of the moon’s cratered surface with sharp contrast. Two young child...

31st Dec Happy New Year Dj Songs 2017 & Dj Remix Mp3 song Free download

31st December 2016 DJ Mix Songs List & Happy New Year 2017 DJ Remix Mp3 Playlist for Dance Performance in Naya Saal Function.  Happy New Year 2017 Dance Songs List Download Happy New Year 2017 DJ Punjabi Bollywood Songs List for Dance : Hello gu...
by Happy New Year 2017 Images on Dec 15, 2016

Music Monday with A Christmas Ring

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Music Monday. Last week’s Christmas theme was a huge hit so I thought i would continue on [...] The post Music Monday with A Christmas Ring appeared first on Everyday Life.
by Everyday Life on Dec 12, 2016

Baba Ramdev Beat Ranveer Singh in Dance on Stage – Viral Video

As we all know, Ranveer Singh is one of the fittest and energetic actor in Bollywood. But recently one incident happened where Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev beaten Ranveer Singh in dance. Yes, you heard it right. Recently Ranveer Singh attended... The post B...

Monday Music With a Festive Twist

Good morning my friends and welcome to Monday Music. Today there is a buzz in the air. Maybe it’s all the excitement of the holidays [...] The post Monday Music With a Festive Twist appeared first on Everyday Life.
by Everyday Life on Dec 5, 2016

African American culture ° body

You can use your body as a way of expression to protest and to heal      ~   Camille A. Brown (Choreographer and educator)Danse Soul Dance / Dance Shop Boutique Danse Boutik Kadans / Nouvèl Aktivis Art News...

DanceBody@Home: Access to Dance-Inspired Fitness Experience Anywhere

I have to admit that I have become less motivated to get out and run or exercise now that it's getting cold outside. If you're feeling lazy to get out like me, you can always try working out at home. I was recently introduced to DanceBody@Home.What i...
by Jen's Blog of Random Thoughts on Nov 21, 2016

Many Thanks

Though the majority of the U.S. population celebrates an official day of gratitude called Thanksgiving, Native Americans have always had a deep tradition of routinely giving thanks. They have particularly given attention and gratitude to the animals...

Lazylegz et Ill-Abilities

Lazylegz, breakdanseur international Carrière et famille Après quelques années, nous sommes retournés voir Lazylegz et prendre connaissance de la vie qu’il mène. Flora Lassalle dossier Lazy Legz Luca Patuelli Même si sa détermination reste i...

Vies Project: #desiredbodygoal Tag 35 – Pole Dance ist auch nur Sport

Ich weiß, viele Leute haben immer noch nicht verstanden, dass Pole Dance auch außerhalb von „schmuddeligen“ Bars und Clubs ausgeübt wird und ein echtes Allround Workout ist. Seit ich 16… Der Beitrag Vies Project: #desiredbodygoal...

Flawless Characters

Everyone who knows anything about writing or reading novels knows that you have to start with a flawed character. Well, everyone but me. I don’t believe in flawed characters, just characters that come alive. Tell me honestly, except for a few physi...
by Bertram's Blog on Sep 3, 2016

Dance India Dance (DID) Super Moms Season 2 2015 Winner Name

Most popular and famous dancing talent reality show ''Dance India Dance'' India's best Television show. it provides a platform to the dancing talented peoples who to make their own identity. Dance India Dance (DID) is show, where any person who have...
by Audition Point on Aug 29, 2016

60th Koenji Awa-Odori - young energy on Tokyo's streets

東京高円寺阿波踊り2016年 Koenji in Tokyo's Suginami ward is one of Tokyo's most youthful districts, so it makes sense that one of Tokyo's most energetic traditional-style dance festivals, the Tokyo Koenji Awa-Odori, happens here eve...
by Japan Visitor on Aug 28, 2016

Watch Lil Wayne’s 2nd Annual “Lil Weezyana Fest” Live & Find Out What Went Down

The 2nd annual “Lil Weezyana Fest“ went down at Champions Square’s Bold Sphere Music in Lil Wayne‘s hometown New Orleans, Louisiana on August 27th. Weezy brought out Chris Brown, 2 Chainz, Mystikal, Migos, Yo Gotti, Partners N...
by Lil Wayne on Aug 27, 2016

Moving Cities – Today’s Metropolises Explored through Dance

Moving Cities, filmmaker Jevan Chowdhury explores today’s metropolises through the language of dance. With Moving Cities, Wind & Foster director Jevan Chowdhury produces a growing collection of short films in order to take a completely new...
by WE AND THE COLOR on Aug 26, 2016

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