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Making Comics is Hard as #@&$!

There are lots of articles floating around about how to become a comic book artist, writer, letterer, or colorist. Most of them are pretty good at giving you advice, and helpful hints, but the bulk of them are not as honest as they could be. Sure, th...
by Black Ship Books on Aug 22, 2016

The Big Two: Too Big to Fail?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a (mock) break-up letter between myself and Marvel Comics. The article got far more attention than I imagined it would, but besides being fun to write it started a great conversation on social media. I appreciate every...
by Black Ship Books on Aug 15, 2016

Comic Review: King Conan: Wolves Beyond The Border

King Conan: Wolves Beyond The Border Created by Robert E. Howard Written by Timothy Truman Art by Tomas Giorello Colors by Jose Villarrubia Letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Jimmy Betancourt Cover by Tomas Giorello Dark Horse Comics Releas...
by Geeks of Doom on Jul 27, 2016

Comic Review: Conan The Slayer #1

Conan The Slayer #1 Written by Cullen Bunn Art by Sergio Davila Colors by Michael Atiyeh Letters by Richard Starkings & Comicraft Covers by Lee Bermejo, Mark Schultz with Dave Stewart (30th Anniversary Variant) Dark Horse Comics Release Date: Ju...
by Geeks of Doom on Jul 26, 2016

Neil Gaiman’s ‘Forbidden Brides’ Gets A Graphic Novel Adaptation

Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire, the satirical gothic short story by Neil Gaiman that was included in his collection Fragile Things, is getting a graphic novel adaptation from Dark Horse Comics...
by Geeks of Doom on Jul 19, 2016

First look preview of The Strain: Mister Quinlan – Vampire Hunter #1

Ahead of its release in September, Dark Horse Comics has debuted a preview of The Strain: Mister Quinlan – Vampire Hunter #1, which we have for you here… A vampiric abomination seeks to destroy the monster that sired him. Born as a mistak...
by Flickering Myth Movie Blog on Jul 13, 2016

Preview of Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens #1

Judge Dredd finds himself going head-to-head-to-head with the Predators and the Aliens next month in the appropriately titled Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens, and we have a preview of the first issue for you here courtesy of Dark Horse ComicsR...
by Flickering Myth Movie Blog on Jun 30, 2016

Preview of Call of Duty: Black Ops III #5

Call of Duty: Black Ops III #5 is out tomorrow, and we’ve got a preview of the issue for you here courtesy of Dark Horse… The team heads to Germany to track down tech CEO Ivan Rudel . . . but they’ll have to fight through his high-tech...
by Flickering Myth Movie Blog on Jun 28, 2016

A Lenda de Tarzan, estrelado por Margot Robbie e Alexander Skarsgård ganha novo trailer

“A Lenda de Tarzan”, aventura estrelada por Alexander Skarsgård (“O Doador de Memórias”) e Margot Robbie (“Golpe Duplo”), ganhou da Warner Bros Pictures e Dark Horse Entertainment, . um novo trailer oficial  IMAX.O filme...
by Sétima Art on Jun 10, 2016

Comic Review: House Of Penance #1

House Of Penance #1 Written by Peter J. Tomasi Art by Ian Bertram Colors by Dave Stewart Cover by Ian Bertram, Dave Stewart Dark Horse Comics Release Date: April 13, 2016 Cover Price: $3.99 Well, hello there. Welcome to what I think is perhaps the be...
by Geeks of Doom on Apr 14, 2016

Toyfair 2016: The Witcher 3 Figures Previews featuring Geralt, Triss and Yennefer

I can’t believe I missed this but apparently Dark Horse has shown prototypes of The Witcher 3 figures/ statues/ collectibles during Toyfair 2016. Dark Horse will be releasing these amazing figures this September with... The post Toy...
by The Fanboy SEO on Apr 14, 2016

April 26th is Alien Day!

Fox celebrates 37 years of the popular, genre bending franchise by marking April 26th, 2016 as Alien Day!   It has been 37 years since Alien took to the movie screens and changed cinema forever. It’s been 30 years since its sequel, Aliens,...
by Pop Culture Whore on Mar 31, 2016

Death of X-ceptional Events, Rebirth of Gimmicks

Are gimmicks really necessary for comics? No industry is immune to it, and some even live and die by the use of it. Call me sentimental, which I am, but there was a time when we didn’t have these money-grabbing marketing ploys running rampart...
by Black Ship Books on Mar 31, 2016

Comic Review: The Shadow Glass #1

The Shadow Glass #1 Story and Art by Aly Fell Letters by Nate Piekos Cover by Aly Fell Dark Horse Comics Release Date: March 23, 2016 Cover Price: $3.99 Paranormal. Medieval Europe. Cool cover with Cthulhu-like tentacles writhing about. Sure, I'll re...
by Geeks of Doom on Mar 23, 2016

Dark Horse Comics Releases For March 9, 2016

Welcome, readers! Here you'll find this week's releases from Dark Horse Comics! There's a new Angel & Faith graphic novel, a new Alabaster, and a new Harrow County. What more could we ask for, right? Here's the full list in case that wasn't enou...
by Geeks of Doom on Mar 11, 2016

The Pull List: March 9

Alter Ego #138 (TwoMorrows Publishing) This week if you find yourself in a comic shop wondering what’s new, I recommend giving Alter Ego #138 a shot. The price for this issue is $8.95, which is well worth it for a full-color, 80-page magazine.
by Black Ship Books on Mar 7, 2016

30 Great Years of Usagi Yojimbo

So much of my writing about comics is spent either reviewing new comics that are coming out, or, focusing on the state of the industry. It occurred to me yesterday that I should share some of that attention on not just the new, but also the greatness...
by Black Ship Books on Mar 3, 2016

The Dark Horse Trailer

One-time Maori speed-chess champ, Genesis Potini, lives with a bi-polar disorder and must overcome prejudice and violence in the battle to save his struggling chess club, his family and ultimately, himself.
by Box Office Buz on Feb 26, 2016

Preview of Predator: Life and Death #1

Ahead of its release next week, Dark Horse has debuted a new preview of the first issue of its latest Predator series Predator: Life and Death, which we have for you here; click on any of the gallery images for hi-res versions…   Colonial...
by Flickering Myth Movie Blog on Feb 26, 2016

Indian Motorcycles range updated for 2016 in India: 2016 Auto Expo

Indian Motorcycles, America’s first motorcycle company established in 1901, showcased its existing range of motorcycle, 2 of its models updated with a new paint shade at the biennial event, 2016 Auto Expo. The stall hosted the entire range of I...
by Bharath Autos on Feb 25, 2016

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