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The Specter City Slasher (Jon of the Shred)

The Specter City Slasher by Jon of the Shred Here to kick your teeth in and fuck your mom is a brand new synthwave, heavy metal, orchestral prog rock album. 12 crisp tracks to serve as the montage music of the impending zombie apocalypse.Never heard...
by Sweet Funky Freedom on Jun 3, 2015

Alternative Rock, Avant Garde, Dark Wave !

shoutcast hosting...
by radiowebby on Feb 7, 2013

The Neighbbourhood – A Little Death

Entirely inappropriate for work and devilishly depraved, the latest from The Neighbourhoodis loin swellingly good.On the latest single from the California-based quintet, darkly sexual beats mingle seductively with 80’s synths and ruinously alluring...
by Aesthetes Anonymous on Jan 28, 2013

Brandy Kills - Undressed

The world always needs more dark wave dance floor bangers, and fortunately for us, Brandy Kills has dropped their latest single, “Undressed” from their new album Dead Love Songs.Like Depeche Mode mainlining China White, “Undressed” is da...
by Aesthetes Anonymous on Jan 22, 2013

Eleven Pond – Watching Trees

Williamsburg circa-2012 or Rochester, New York circa 1986? More proof that minimal dark wave never goes out of style.Taken from the short-lived Eleven Pond’s only album Bas Relief, which has been remastered and digitized here.
by Aesthetes Anonymous on Jan 18, 2013

Motorama: el post punk de Rusia con amor

Artículo Motorama: el post punk de Rusia con amor | Publicado por Jorge BazoA pesar de que soy un melómano confeso, hacía mucho tiempo que le había perdido la pista a las bandas de ese lado del planeta, además que es sabido por todos que la esce...
by Konexión Rock Perú on Apr 20, 2012

BURZINSKI, una increíble mezcla de música Indie y Dark Wave

Artículo BURZINSKI, una increíble mezcla de música Indie y Dark Wave | Publicado por Jorge BazoBurzinski | Indie Artist Siempre escuché que cuando uno va creciendo y/o madurando va dejando de lado las cosas innovadoras y se va quedando con l...
by Konexión Rock Perú on Apr 3, 2012


2011 in many respects can be called the year of Bass in the US, where the mainstream finally realizing what electronic music is again (not). In 2012 many see it as being the final year of the Mayan Calendar and are expecting an apocalypse. Though I t...
by Nightdrive on Feb 6, 2012

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