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Lady Gaga - Judas (Darth & Vader Remix) ** FREE DOWNLOAD**

by on Apr 17, 2013

Vengeance, Darth & Vader, Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (Hot Shit! Bootleg) FREEDOWNLOAD

MASSIVE masher by our friends Hot Shit! (Vengeance - Three Days (Darth & Vader Remix) vs. Calvin Harris-Feel So Close)...
by on Jun 26, 2012

(GBR046) - Miami Nights OUT NOW!!!!

Miami NightsA Late Night Magic City Ride Featuring originals & remixes by: ZEDD, Darth&Vader, Vodge Diper, Utku S, Noddy & MALO, Tits & Clits, Defunct!, Dirtyloud, Inside Pico, L&M Project, Alex Kidd USA, Sporty-O,  Quaver, H...
by on Apr 13, 2012

The Noisy Freaks - The Dirty Vader Is Skilling Me (Mashup) FREE DL

The Noisy Freaks - The Dirty Vader Is Skilling Me (Mashup) FREE DL by The Noisy Freaks Mashup of tracks we like ! Tracklist :- La Roux - In For The Kill (Skrillex remix)- Dirty Loud feat Sirreal - Needle- Feed Me - Green Bottle- Skrillex - Equinox- B...
by on Oct 7, 2011

Avicii - Morphine

Aviciis Morphine is supposedly the anthem to the Sun City Festival which will be held in el paso, texas. But he isn't included in the Lineup, so who knows. Either way its still a really good track. Been late on some new tracks but they be comin round...
by Beams of Sound on Aug 19, 2011

Sebastien Leger - Polymod (Original Mix)

by Beams of Sound on Aug 17, 2011

Darth & Vader and Perfect Cell - Cellbacca (REL1 RE-RUB)

BIG BIG fan of the Darth & Vader sound. Decided to give this one an unofficial breaks workout. Been working real well for me on the floor....Check it out! ~"Cellbacca"Buy the original here:
by on Feb 25, 2011

A Lot Of Love From Brasil!!

WYLSS is getting a lot of love from Brazil. I guess I always associated music from Brazil with hot girls in thongs at the Rio Carnival, but there is a growing electro house and techno trend that's starting to become realised around the world. One of...
by Would You Like Some Sound on Jan 25, 2011

Two days away and making a huge return!

It's amazing how much music you miss out on when you take TWO days away from your blog. Anyways, some massive tracks here today, so here's what you've been missing:   Micha Moor & Epiphony - Break My World (Original Edit) by MichaMoorDownl...
by Would You Like Some Sound on Jan 12, 2011

Darth & Vader

Easily one of the coolest names on the house scene, Darth & Vader are a staple of electro house in Brazil, but still haven't really made their mark in Europe and the States, which has to change soon. Check it out:   Perfect Cell - Straight...
by Would You Like Some Sound on Jan 7, 2011

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