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Fixing modern healthcare?

(caveat: this post post will be fairly UK-centric, because that's the healthcare system with which I'm familiar!)Modern healthcare is the victim of its own success.  We've been so successful over the last few decades at developing amazing new me...
by Programming for Scientists on Oct 26, 2012

The Sage Bionetworks - DREAM Breast Cancer Prognosis Challenge

I've been competing in the  Sage Bionetworks/DREAM Breast Cancer Prognosis Challenge.   The submission deadline was a few hours ago (early start for those of us in the UK!), so I thought now was a good time to share some of my thoughts on w...
by Programming for Scientists on Oct 16, 2012

Machine Learning that Matters

The ICML closing talk was this:Machine learning that mattersKind of inspiring and probably required reading for machine learners.
by Programming for Scientists on Jun 29, 2012

Twitter Teams with Berkeley to Offer Big Data Class

A new class from UC Berkeley and Twitter offers students tuition on big data.
by friday coming soon on May 8, 2012

Talent Shortage Could Make Big Data a Bit Smaller

The promise of Big Data might be undermined by a lack of talent.
by friday coming soon on Apr 30, 2012

The Heritage Health Prize

There's been an interesting trend in recent years: the comeback of public competitions to solve problems of various types. From the X-Prizes to the now-finished Netflix prize, competing for the kudos (and cash prizes) of solving a given problem is...
by Programming for Scientists on Jun 13, 2011

Data-intensive Science

I've recently been noticing a number of articles and blog posts on "data science" (or "data-intensive science") and a speculated 4th paradigm for doing science (the first three being experimentation, theory and more recently simulation).While there i...
by Programming for Scientists on Oct 6, 2010

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