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Designer of the Week - David Andersen

David Andersen - Scandinavian Silver at its Best David Andersen jewelry is a family operation that was founded in 1896 and has been handed down through the family ever since then. The designs are very high quality and also very collectible, particu...
by Collecting Vintage Jewelry on Mar 12, 2013

Vintage Jewelry Word of the Week - What is Basse-taille?

Today's vintage jewelry word is Basse-taille. This is a French word which means "shallow cut." The term refers to an enameling technique which has chased relief metal which is overlaid with a translucent enamel finish.During the process, th...
by Collecting Vintage Jewelry on Nov 27, 2009

New Scandinavian Sterling Silver Line at Vintage Jewelry Lane

I love all sterling silver jewelry. I've never been a gold person. I love the look of silver, right down to the patina that it aquires as it ages. I also find a great sense of relaxation when I polish sterling silver.For the last few months, I have b...
by Collecting Vintage Jewelry on Apr 30, 2009

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