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I Love Admins that want to learn here is my SUTOL Session

Having a great time in Prague, last time I was here was either the I AM tour or an LCTY in 2000/2001.Martin and the SUTOL team did a great job with the event. It was really nice to get to see people I either never met in person or have not seen in a...
by Lotus Evangelist on Nov 11, 2015

Who's Meeting me in Prague at Sutol 2015?

The nice people in charge of SUTOL 2015 in Prague on November 11 have granted me a session at their technical conference.Thank you Martin Jinoch and team for letting this IBM Champion visit and meet everyone!Luckily for me this year they are not maki...
by Lotus Evangelist on Sep 28, 2015

Autodesk Exchange Apps - DDM

Bom dia!!! Este post é para comunicar que mais um aplicativo está na loja de  aplicativos da Autodesk, desta vez é o DDM!!! Disponível em português e inglês!!!
by Tbn2 on May 18, 2015

DDM - Preview da distribuição

Olá, pessoal!! Este post é para informar que o DDM agora conta com um preview do diagrama de distribuição de terraplenagem, o DDT. Este preview aparece na aba dos resultados, veja: Note, o próprio programa é quem calcula e desenha esse...
by Tbn2 on Feb 24, 2015

DDM - Distibuição de terraplenagem - Estudo de caso

Recentemente fiz umas modificações no programa DDM, para calcular a distribuição de terraplenagem pelo diagrama de Bruckner. Particularmente eu acho chato pra caramba ficar fazendo isso à mão: Mas tem doido que faz, hehehehe Sim, eu sei q...
by Tbn2 on Feb 5, 2015

SpeedGeeking 2015 "How to Manage Exchange Admins (and their servers) with Domino"

Speedgeeking was awesome, as usual. We hope you enjoyed it, learned something, and of course drank, ate and had fun.For those that ask, here are my slides up in SlideShare, these are the clean editions, if you were there, you will understand.
by Lotus Evangelist on Jan 26, 2015

06/10 – ETF Trading – Gain on DIA, DDM

Not a great trade, but a winning trade on DIA. Our etf exit signals for DIA triggered yesterday and we took a small gain of .34%. The trade in DDM yielded a gain of .60%. Updated charts are posted below. We have made 33 winning trades out of 42 in th...
by ETF Stock Trading on Jun 10, 2011

06/09 – ETF Trading – DIA, DDM

We have a full etf trading position and we’re patiently waiting for our exit signals to trigger. DIA closed lower yesterday, so we’ll continue to wait. DIA has closed lower for 6 days in a row and is due for a correction. Notice also that...
by ETF Stock Trading on Jun 9, 2011

06/08 – ETF Trading – DIA, DDM

Good morning. DIA closed lower yesterday and you took your third and final position in the etf trade. Likewise for the leveraged etf trade in DDM. Now, we’ll just wait for our exit signals to trigger. Our etf exit signals are triggered when the...
by ETF Stock Trading on Jun 8, 2011

06/07 – ETF Trading – DIA, DDM

Good morning. DIA closed lower yesterday and you took your second position in the etf trade. Likewise for the leveraged etf trade in DDM. Should DIA close lower today, take your third and final position in the trade. Otherwise, our etf exit signals a...
by ETF Stock Trading on Jun 7, 2011

06/06 – ETF Trading – DIA, DDM

DIA closed lower on Friday and you took your first long position in the etf trade. An updated chart is posted below. As we discussed on Friday, we’ll scale in with up to three 3 positions. So, take a second trading position should DIA close low...
by ETF Stock Trading on Jun 6, 2011

06/03 – ETF Trading – DIA, DDM

Put DIA on your watch list today. Consider taking your first long position should the etf close lower today. Consider DDM for the leveraged trade. DIA – Dow Diamonds seeks to provide investment results that, before expenses, generally correspon...
by ETF Stock Trading on Jun 3, 2011

DYING OF CANCER — Chemo RAW — cancer diaries — cancer patient dying

I am dying of cancer. As a cancer patient, he chemotherapy side effects are gruesome. My skin caner (melanoma) has turned into lung cancer. This chemotherapy (chemo) diary is necessary for me to attempt to describe what is going on with my life. The...
by Lung Cancer Mesothelioma Blog on Apr 20, 2011

Upcoming Shopping Event: Harricana

I am pleased to report another wonderful shopping event hosted by Harricana by Mariouche. The event will take place in Montreal on Wednesday December 2nd from 5 to 9 pm and proceeds will benefit the Dispensaire diététique de Montréal (DDM). For mo...
by Pink Lemonade on Nov 16, 2009

If You're Gonna Be a Bear...

Most of you have figured out by now that, while I am never without an opinion, I very rarely recommend specific trades on this site. This is for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I don't know any better than anyone else what th...
by Wall Street Oasis on Nov 10, 2009

Im Test: Behringer DDM 4000 Teil 1

Wir hatten dank Behringer die Möglichkeit das DDM 4000 Digitalmischpult ausgiebig zu testen und möchten es euch nun vorstellen. Das DDM ist ein digitales 4-Kanal Mischpult mit Effekt-, Sampler- und Midi-Einheit, dass für einen übe...
by DNMKmusik on Jul 6, 2009

SPY,QQQQ,DIA: Short term overbought.

No rocket science here : the US indices are overbought. All we need now is a decent pullback in order to have healthier advance up to the long term resistance line. What the Nasdaq,S&P 500, and Dow Jones need right...
by ETF CORNER on Mar 24, 2009

Short term technical analysis Dow Jones ETF's : DIA,DDM,DXD.

DIA : Long Dow Jones. DDM : Double Long Dow Jones. DXD : Double Short Dow Jones.
by ETF CORNER on Mar 19, 2009

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