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Bankruptcy or Debt Negotiation ? What is Better ?

Outline: What Are You Looking For? Bankruptcy Facts: Avoid Foreclosure Stop Wage Garnishing Be Debt Free Stop Creditors From Contacting You Chapter 7 and 13 Optional Alternative To Debt Relief Helps To Stop Repossession Interest-Free Debt Repayment P...
by imoneytalks on Mar 12, 2012

Deadline Day for Greece bond holders

EU officials are desperately trying to convince private holders of Greek bonds to accept a crucial debt swap deal ahead of today’s deadline. In order for Greece to receive a second bailout it will need at least two thirds of bondholders to take a 5...
by Wise Money on Mar 8, 2012

Greece threaten bond holders with default option

Greek Politicians are applying increasing amounts of pressure to bond holders in a last ditch attempt to obtain the necessary 75 per cent to agree to the terms of the looming bond swap tomorrow.  The Hellenic Republic is threatening to invoke Collec...
by Wise Money on Mar 7, 2012

Greek investors ponder how much money to lose on debt burden

Greece has a potentially difficult week ahead as a group of private investors consider the terms and conditions of an arrangement that’s intend to cut €107 billion from the Greek’s €340 billion debt burden.The whole deal hinges on whether the...
by Wise Money on Mar 5, 2012

More Than A Student Loan Update – Ideas on Blog Writing After This Repayment Is Over

By this point I’m sure you understand this already, but these updates are mostly my way to publicize that even the worst student loan debt can be repaid – and quickly. And I think my story proves that student loan debt can even be repaid...
by on Mar 1, 2012

Wise money waits on Greece default deal

Wise money markets will be influenced largely by developments in Europe to start the week, however President’s day in the US could be mean a quiet start. Ongoing US data continues to finish above expectations as shown by the latest gains in retail...
by Wise Money on Feb 20, 2012

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