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Natural Pine Cone Ornaments

These natural pine cone ornaments are not only beautiful; they’re easy to make and inexpensive as well.  All it takes are some pinecones (gathered for free in our case), spray paint, ribbon, and a glue gun.  I chose to make them&...
by Better Hens and Gardens on Dec 19, 2016

DIY — 19 Edible Christmas Ornaments

Making your own Christmas ornaments is an activity the whole family will love to do together. Get everyone into the Christmas spirit when you create your own special ornaments and garlands–that also happen to be edible! We’ve rounded up...
by Blog on Dec 17, 2016

Christmas Paper Bag Snowflakes In 5 Minutes

Aah, 'tis the season to eat, drink, be merry and stumble into the local shop to get yourself a paper bags. Or be frugal and use old ones you already have! Just me? I know I'm not alone.As I promised in my Christmas home tour here, today I`m sharing t...
by Home Chic Club on Dec 15, 2016

10 Amazing DIY Christmas Party Decorations

Get ready for all of your Christmas entertaining with these must have ideas & tutorials. The DIY Christmas party decorations or both simple and stunning!
by Rustic Crafts And Chic Decor on Dec 14, 2016

19 Creative Christmas Decoration Ideas to Try this Season

Christmas decoration ideas never get old, do they? With Christmas on the way, there is no better time to start thinking about the decoration ideas. And while doing so, we can always spare a thought about the mother earth. Luckily, eco-friendly décor...
by Stagetecture on Dec 14, 2016

40 Christmas Crafts for Kids

Get your little ones in the holiday spirit with some of these fun Christmas crafts! We’ve rounded up 40, yes 40, arts and craft projects your little ones will love to make. From ornaments to cards, and festive decorations, your child will want...
by Blog on Dec 12, 2016

14 DIY Shadow Boxes For Various Purposes

A shadow box is an enclosed glass-front case containing an object or objects presented in a thematic grouping with artistic or personal significance. The grouping of the objects and the depth effect created by their relative heights from the backing...

Weekend Snapshot: My Christmas Tree Is Up

It's December once again my dear friends.  There is no denying that the Christmas cheer is in the air.  As early as August, I have seen some stores displaying Holiday decorations already.  So jealous because I have been wanting to buy...
by Mhar's Display on Dec 11, 2016

Pomanders and the Plague

Early December is busy for any academic, so just about the only handcrafted Christmas decoration/gift I can manage is the humble pomander. I wrap rubber bands and ribbons around oranges and lemons as Martha Stewart advises, and then stick in the clov...
by streets of salem on Dec 11, 2016

Moving to a New Home and Decorating for the Holidays

Having a hew home is exciting. It is also a fulfillment for most families as well as single individuals who have managed to achieve what is considered as an ultimate dream for many. Having a home, you can call your own, whether it is rented or a prop...
by My Green Living Ideas on Dec 7, 2016

How to Create a Custom Holiday Wreath in 8 Easy Steps

Make this Custom Holiday Wreath using items found online at Dollar Tree Store.Photos and Pattern compliments of Steins's What You will Need.Holiday Wreath FrameRolls of Designer Deco MeshFloral Sprays or Picks   Floral PicksCoordinatin...
by Craft drawer on Dec 6, 2016

DIY Musical Note Christmas Tree Decorations

Here is a fun ornament to make this Christmas for either yourself or as a gift. The entire ball is covered with vintage sheet music for joyous cheer.
by Rustic Crafts And Chic Decor on Dec 6, 2016

Christmas Decorations: How to Make Dried Fruit Ornaments

Dried fruit ornaments are the perfect and organic way to add a festive touch to your Christmas tree. Fruits available in winter season are just perfect for drying and using them in natural decorations, garlands or as ornaments for the Christmas tree.
by Stagetecture on Dec 5, 2016

Dear Holiday Diary

Dear Holiday Diary, I thought I would take some notes to document Christmas 2016. Danny keeps saying flying to Tahiti would solve most of my problems. I wouldn’t have to decorate. The kids could join us and we could skip the gift exchange. He&#...
by Susie Lindau's Wild Ride on Dec 4, 2016

How To Transform Your Home With Kwanzaa Decorations

Kwanzaa is a time to honor the past and connect with family and friends. Kwanzaa is comparatively a young holiday tradition that has been gaining popularity gradually. For African-American heritage and culture, it is a very meaning celebration that...
by Stagetecture on Dec 3, 2016

How To Fill Clear Glass Ornaments: 25 Ideas

Love crafting? Then make your own Christmas ornaments, and today I’m sharing some modern ideas – filling clear glass Christmas ornaments. They look super cute and chic, whatever you decorate them and fill them, and you can invite your kids to cra...

The Beginner’s Guide to Hosting a Fabulous Holiday Party

  Since long before there was Christmas, humans have needed to create light in the darkness, warmth in the cold months. We just need that spark to keep us from feeling gloomy. And so we have parties and get dressed up and eat and drink and laugh...
by The Fashionable Housewife on Nov 30, 2016

12 DIY Crochet Christmas Ornaments And Decorations

Love crocheting? Then it’s high time to do what you love and make some cutest Christmas ornaments and decorations! They will add a cozy touch to your space and make it warm up for sure. This cute red snowflake ornament looks amazing, soft and cozy...

12 Cute DIY Wine Cork Christmas Crafts

All the celebrating that takes place this time of the year always seems to lead to an excess of leftover wine corks. Make use of them by turning them into fun holiday decorations, it’s high time to craft something for the coming Christmas of them!

25 Cozy Rustic Christmas Table Décor Ideas

Rustic style is very popular for decorating cozy family celebrations, and Christmas first of all. Decorate your Christmas in rustic style: add pinecones, evergreens, berries and wood slices, it will give your home a cozy and comfy touch. Rustic Chris...

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