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Student Spotlight: Mercy H.

This month’s Student Spotlight, Mercy, is one of the most incredible, inspiring human beings we’ve ever met. Though in a wheelchair, she does everything from surfing, to choreography, to Little Miss Wheelchair pageants. She’s also p...
by Molly's Music Blog on Feb 26, 2016

Wicked (UK Tour) – Sunderland

Cast Elphaba – Ashleigh Gray Glinda – Emily Tierney Fiyero – Samuel Edwards Madame Morrible – Marilyn Cutts The Wizard – Steven Pinder Nessarose – Carina Gillespie Boq – Richard Vincent Doctor Dillamond ̵...
by Lets Go To The Movies on Apr 26, 2015

Paws...for a Thursday Thought: Defying Gravity

Have you ever wondered... why cats feel the need to test the limits of gravity? Why do our feline friends constantly position their bodies on the edge of counters, couches, and dressers every time they sit on something that is several feet above the...
by Feline Funnies on Jun 27, 2013

[VIDEO] Kimberley Walsh performs Defying Gravity 16/02/13

Apologies for this blog being down for a few days, but we’re back! If your wise enough to follow us on Twitter or Facebook you would of seen these updates already but just to recap!: Kimberley appeared on ‘Let’s Dance For Comic Reli...
by Girls Aloud Blog on Feb 19, 2013

A New Plan for Television … People Love a Happy Ending So Every Episode I Will Explain Once Again That I Don’t Like People And Then Mal Will Shoot Someone Someone We Like And Their Puppy

I love watching television but I am beginning to very much dislike television networks.  Why?  Because of this new environment where the networks (typically the major networks like NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, etc) will produce a show and then seem to do ev...

Great Fighting Gravity Performance In America’s Got Talent

The reason I like to watch talent show is because I am waiting for some unique talents or performances that I’ve have never seen before. The Fighting Gravity performance is really a great performance; the team is not only has good teamwork but...
by Funky Downtown on Feb 25, 2012

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