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Dogs And Summer Heat

Dogs And Summer Heat Summer Safety Tips The joys of Summer have officially arrived and it is time to get outdoors and breathe! Your furry friends are just as excited as you are to frolic in the meadows, run down the beaches, and play with their mates...
by Wiggleless on Jul 5, 2016

How to Survive Summer Heat in Phoenix – Or Other Hot Places

I hate summer heat in Phoenix – and I’m sure I’d hate it in any other hot, desert city. But you know what? It’s not so much the heat that bothers me. It’s the people who don’t know how to… The post How to Survive Summer Heat in...

Summer Season Health Care Tips

Summer carries an extra of difficulties – skin, hair and health problems like sunstroke, and heat boils. Summer also sounds for a modification in food and other healthy active advises. Tip 1: Heat StrokeHeat stroke, a severe form of hyperthermia, h...

Importance of drinking water

Water & health. Various studies show that person should drink about 1.5 liters of water a day or 8 glasses daily. However, the figures differ according to the research, and the different types of morphologies...
by Family Health Care on Dec 9, 2015

Benefits of Coconut Water for Health

Benefits of Coconut Water for Health – Who does not know coconuts, coconut Cocos nucifera has a Latin name. Coconut is a plant species belonging to the tribe of betel – a proposal (Arecaceae). Oil plants often foun...
by Reading Information On line on Nov 17, 2015

One day, four sticks (in the arm)

8:52 p.m. Just walked into house from Boston, wondering if I should have Ativan or wine. Go for the Ativan, find something to eat, and sit down to write before I forget what I want to say.Dueling phone conversations on the way home, my driver nice en...

What can Cause Hypotension?

Hypotension or low blood pressure is not easy to define. A particular blood pressure (BP) may be normal for a person (and cause no problem whatsoever) but same blood pressure may cause symptoms to another individual. Hence, it is not easy to define h...
by Health Blog on Sep 9, 2015

Are You Suffering From Brain Fog?

Almost everyone experiences brain fog from time to time. So, what exactly is brain fog? It’s a condition where you feel a general lack of mental clarity. You may feel forgetful, confused, or have trouble concentrating. Brain fog can be caused by a...
by Robin's One Stop Fitness on Aug 17, 2015

Dehydration: It Can Happen To Anyone at Anytime

Dehydration can sneak up on you and impair your thinking to the point you may not realize you need to take immediate action. Rescuers have at times found lost hikers and others that have succumbed to dehydration with water still in their canteens. Pe...
by Preparing For SHTF on Aug 10, 2015

First Aid Kit For Dogs

What Is A First Aid Kit For Dogs? Good pet parents are in tune with their pet’s health and wellbeing but even if you provide your pup with the appropriate diet, checks ups, grooming and lots of TLC—accidents and emergencies can still happen! Be P...
by Wiggleless on Aug 4, 2015

How to Prevent Dehydration?

The only way to prevent dehydration is to drink lots of fluid in the form of plain drinking water, fruit juice or fresh fruit, vegetables as well as other foods with high water content. For most healthy people, thirst is a good guide of adequate flui...
by Health Blog on Jun 19, 2015

Treatment of Dehydration

Replacement of lost fluid and electrolyte is the only way to manage dehydration. However, the management approach should take into account the cause of dehydration, severity of dehydration and age of the patient. For mild dehydration, replacement of...
by Health Blog on Jun 18, 2015

Staying Hydrated During Our Summer Fun with Nestle Pure Life

  Compensation was provided by Nestle Pure Life via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nestle Pure Life.     During the summer I am off of work since...
by My Sweet Sanity on Jun 18, 2015

Complications of Dehydration

Dehydration is fairly common health problem, especially during summer and among vulnerable group or people at risk of dehydration. Even without risk factors of dehydration, one may still get dehydration and risk complications due to it. The complicat...
by Health Blog on Jun 17, 2015

Are You at Risk of Dehydration? Find Out

Summer time is a risk of dehydration, especially for children. Because it is vacation time and due to availability of free time, children tend to play outdoor for long hours and risk dehydration. Make sure your children get adequately hydrated during...
by Health Blog on Jun 16, 2015

Dehydration and Dehydration Symptoms

Dehydration is loss of body fluid, especially when the loss is more than intake of fluid. Due to loss of fluid more than the intake, there is not enough water in the body to carry out normal activities of the body and problems appear as a result. If...
by Health Blog on Jun 15, 2015

A Journey to Motherhood

I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a mother. But for all of my fear and trepidation, motherhood has not robbed me of anything valuable. It has given me more than I ever imagined.
by Hunter Happenings on May 8, 2015

Home Remedies for Flawless Skin and Dehydration

This seems to be impossible. Here are some of the very useful home remedies for flawless skin and dehydration.The post Home Remedies for Flawless Skin and Dehydration appeared first on .
by Style.Pk on May 6, 2015

Reap The Many Benefits Of Green Tea For Health And Beauty

Green tea for health and beauty purpose – Already announcing with green tea? You know a tea made from the leaves of the tea plant are picked and undergo a process of heating to prevent oxidation or it could also mean the drinks produced from brewin...
by Health Information on Apr 12, 2015

Tamar Braxton Hospitalized For Dehydration

Daytime talk show host and singer Tamar Braxton was rushed to yesterday afternoon the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank yesterday afternoon. Insiders say that the singer was admitted into the hospital after experiencing a shortne...
by Virgos Very Own on Mar 20, 2015

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