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Girls want to be taken seriously

Girls, and I purposefully use the term girls saving the label “women” for adult females; adult in mind, mannerisms and how they interact with others. TV is a very small part of life but it has a lot of influence upon society. If you want...
by Men Going Their Own Way MGTOW on Sep 10, 2015

Where did the good men go?

Good question though I do not ask the question in the manner the clucking biddies do when wondering where their Prince is who will fulfill all her dreams and desires and everything the biddy believes she is entitled to. I can speak  (write) for myse...
by Men Going Their Own Way MGTOW on Oct 15, 2013

Will the Lying Female Actually be Punished?

Woman arrested for stalking herself   “Police say a 34-year-old Crowley woman they arrested tried to convince investigators that her estranged boyfriend was sending her threatening text messages.”   Offending a female is extreme...
by Men Going Their Own Way MGTOW on Jan 12, 2013

Never Trust a Wench

“Sixty-three percent of men and 70 percent of women said they think honesty about money is as important as remaining monogamous.”   “Lying to a partner about money was admitted by 56 percent of women and 37 percent of men in th...
by Men Going Their Own Way MGTOW on Dec 31, 2012

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