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Bolton law firm offers top-notch personal injury representation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by         Press Release Distribution Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK – Kate Morris, who heads up Personal Injury Solicitors Bolt...
by Free PR Online on Jul 22, 2015


SENATOR KENNEDY ARRIVES IN LOS ANGELES AS FAVORITE Los Angeles, California (JFK+50) Fifty-five years ago today, July 9, 1960, Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts, having won all primaries he had entered, arrived here in Los A...
by JFK+50 on Jul 9, 2015

Electoral Candidates Murdered in Mexico Rises to 8

Miguel Angel Luna was the PRD candidate to the lower house of Congress’ 32nd District in Chalco, in the central State of Mexico.  An eight candidate in the midterm Mexican elections that will take place this Sunday has been shot and kille...
by N3WS on Jun 3, 2015

Moataz Al Khayyat: UrbaCon Contracting & Trading (UCC), Provide a Better Solution

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submission       Press Release Distribution Moataz Al Khayyat, CEO of UrbaCon Contracting & Trading (UCC), believes that value engineering provides a better solution to c...
by Free PR Online on May 25, 2015

Bayan Muna solon opposes proposal to hold voting on BBL in executive session

A party-list lawmaker on Monday opposed the proposal to hold the voting on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) behind closed doors, saying the public deserves to know how their representatives in Congress voted on the measure.Bayan Muna party-lis...
by Tech Pinoy on May 11, 2015

South Africa's opposition Democratic Alliance votes in first black leader

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) party said it voted Mmusi Maimane as leader on Sunday, making him the first black person to head the traditionally white party. The party hopes the move will widen its appeal The post...
by Tech Pinoy on May 10, 2015

Signed, sealed, delivered

That big graphic design project I've been working on for the past month or so? Just a little more effort and they'll be on their way.The package arrived from the printer yesterday – and I really need to give a shout out to CatPrint for working clos...
by Knit. Run. Repeat. on May 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton draws contrasts with Republicans on immigration

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton called Tuesday for a plan to regulate some of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, striking a direct contrast to her Republican adversaries.The former secretary of state and ex-fi...
by Tech Pinoy on May 5, 2015

Bernie Sanders Enters Presidential Race with $1.5 Million Haul in First 24 Hours

Socialism is a word that seems to strike fear into the hearts of politicians and citizens from across the political spectrum. Properly defined, socialism is an economic and social system in which “social ownership of the means of production and...
by Debt Free Living Guru on May 2, 2015

US, Japan lay out new defense guidelines for global Japanese role

NEW YORK - Japan and the United States unveiled new guidelines for defense cooperation on Monday, reflecting Japan's willingness to take on a more robust international role at a time of growing Chinese power and rising concerns about nuclear-armed No...
by Tech Pinoy on Apr 27, 2015

Alexandria, Virginia Elections are Awesome in the Flickr Pool

Here is our favorite new photo from the Red Brick Town Flickr Pool of the recent Alexandria Democratic Committee (ADC) Straw Poll in Alexandria, Virginia.
by Red Brick Town on Apr 22, 2015

Second Annual ADC Straw Poll and Craft Beer Tasting Party TONIGHT at Port City Brewing

Tonight, Sun. April, 19, the Alexandria Democratic Committee is holding the second annual ADC Straw Poll and Craft Beer Tasting Party at Port City Brewing.
by Red Brick Town on Apr 19, 2015

2nd Annual Alexandria Democratic Committee (ADC) Straw Poll Results

Here are the results of the second (2nd) annual ADC straw poll held tonight @ Port City Brewing in Alexandria, Virginia.
by Red Brick Town on Apr 19, 2015

US politics: Republican Senator Rubio makes leap into 2016 White House race

MIAMI - US Senator Marco Rubio of Florida told top donors on Monday that he will run for the White House because he is "uniquely qualified" to represent the Republican Party in the 2016 presidential race, the Associated Press reported. During a confe...
by Tech Pinoy on Apr 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Hard to be low-key when the world knows your face

WASHINGTON - Hillary Clinton may have wanted to strike a modest note with her low-key announcement that she is getting into the 2016 US presidential race. But it's hard to play "everyday American" when much of the world knows your face The post Hilla...
by Tech Pinoy on Apr 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton: The Stop-Gap President

Hillary Clinton announced today she’s running for President. I have mixed feelings about it, but they’re mostly negative. Yes, it would be a giant step forward in many ways for this country to have a woman in charge, and I am looking forward to t...
by That's Going Too Far! on Apr 12, 2015

Two Massachusetts Democrats call for Nancy Pelosi to change or give up her her role as Minority Leader

 Two Democratic Congressmen from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, Stephen Lynch and Michael Capuano, have called on Nancy Pelosi to either change her tactics or give up her role as House Minority Leader. Here is more: Lynch said, “Na...
by America's Watchtower on Apr 8, 2015

Vladimir Putin’s formative German years

(Media Release) Anyone who wants to understand Vladimir Putin today needs to know the story of what happened to him on a dramatic night in East Germany a quarter of a century ago. It is 5 December 1989 in Dresden, a few weeks after the Berlin Wall ha...
by Free PR Online on Mar 27, 2015

Our Gutsy Pope

________________________________________________________ Our Gutsy Pope Last year, Pope Francis originated the Extraordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the Family. It was evident that when the final report was issued by the 114 bishops, the...
by The Joyful Catholic on Mar 22, 2015

How the UnitedStates's Supreme Court Has Treasonously Destroyed America’s Democratic Republic

This presentation will focus on how our Big Government in general and the US Supreme Court in particular have undermined and destroyed America’s onetime democratic republic. The judicial branch of the American government consisting...
by Actualité Distincte on Mar 7, 2015

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