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Teen Mom: Lashing Out Recap

Catelynn and Tyler meet with their adoption agent to get their 12 month pictures of Carly. What a cutie! They talk about school, grades, and Catelynn’s mom. It’s good to hear that Catelynn is not going to let her mother’s negativity stop her fr...
by Teen Mom or Teen Trainwreck? on Sep 29, 2010

Is she or isn’t she? MTV Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham preggers again?

Well it depends on which magazine you believe.  In corner number one, we have OK! magazine claiming from an unnamed source that Farrah looked a little heavy in the tummy at an event in her hometown on Sept. 18.  In corner number 2 we have Farrah he...
by Girls Talkin Smack on Sep 29, 2010

MTV's Farrah Abraham Graces the Cover of US Weekly

MTV’s Farrah Abraham is in the latest issue of US Weekly magazine talking about the death of her ex-boyfriend, Derek Underwood. This is the problem I have with Teen Mom. MTV has made these girls celebrities. While they’re no Angelina Jolie, they...
by Teen Mom or Teen Trainwreck? on Aug 18, 2010

Teen Mom: The After Show (Episode 4)

Amber: The camera pans in on all 4 of the ladies sitting on the couch and Amber looks extremely unhappy. She is also very quiet when she speaks. That’s a first. She does realize how awkward the whole proposal scene looked to viewers, but she once a...
by Teen Mom or Teen Trainwreck? on Aug 17, 2010

Did Farrah Abraham’s Dad Beat Up Ex-Boyfriend, Derek Underwood?

Woah! There is a rumor flying around that Farrah’s dad, Michael beat up Derek Underwood twice after finding the two in bed together. If that’s the case, I clearly understand Farrah’s dislike for her father. She really was raised by two psychos.
by Teen Mom or Teen Trainwreck? on Aug 11, 2010

MTV's Farrah Abraham Opens Up About Passing Of Ex-boyfriend

Teen Mom (Season 2) - MTV ShowsI know many people have a negative opinion of Farrah Abraham. She is extremely disrespectful to her parents, and cared more about partying and trying to find a man than being a parent to her daughter. With that said, I...
by Teen Mom or Teen Trainwreck? on Aug 9, 2010

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