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Pictures Of My Dream Home.

This is what i want my home to look like and is just a matter of little time, it will be mine. The original owners of these house is the real housewives of Atlanta star Deshawn Snow.  ...
by Bits & Bobs on Mar 30, 2013

Deshawn Snow's (Real Housewives of Atlanta) House

First I want to thank everybody for their amazing guest posts last week while I was on vacation.  Can you believe the response?  Amazing!  Thank you all so much! I had a wonderful... This Photographers Life -- redesigned!

Who Could Replace NeNe Leaks on The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Miss America of 1990 would be a good ideal candidate that could take NeNe Leaks spot of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Really we would like to replace the whole team, but we are starting with NeNe Leaks.
by A Toast To Wealth on Oct 14, 2009

Ashley Jewell, Fiance’ of One of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Murdered

Kandi Burress of the hit show "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" mourns the death of her fiance' Ashley Jewell, reportedly beaten to death in strip club parking lot where he worked.
by A Toast To Wealth on Oct 10, 2009

They Would Be Great For The Real Housewives of Atlanta, If They Were Married

These unmarried women would be perfect for The show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. If only they were married and had time to trade places with the women who are wasting air time and revealing no sort of positive profiles for women to admire. We n...
by A Toast To Wealth on Sep 29, 2009

Singer Kandi (from Xscape) will be on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”

Kandi Burruss will be the replacement of Deshawn  Snow(wife of Cleveland Cavalier player Eric Snow), on “The Real Houswives of Atlanta”. She is from the 90’s group Xscape.She wrote TLC’s “No Scrubs”. She has also penned songs for Fai...
by Fire & Ice on Mar 6, 2009

Deshawn from the Real Housewives of Atlanta says she was kicked off the the show because she was "too human for a circus show"

Deshawn Interview with[One of the producers] called and said that I was “too human for a circus show” and that because the show did so well, they are about to pump up the drama and they didn’t think that I would fit in. He gave me...
by Fire & Ice on Jan 14, 2009


Looks like lots of folks have Broke Stories not just us, or you or Tee, our main character in What Doesn't Kill You...check out our friend Corrine's story on the Real Broke Housewives of Atlanta--and the one below from zimbio.comhttp://www.mybla
by Twomindsfull on Dec 17, 2008

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