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GENIUS FLOR - Flooring Tiles

Since I am living in a Maine cottage....there is mud, and salt etc in the winter months.There is not much pavement here.Need I say more.It is a 3rd world!!!!Trust me on this-it is in every way.No shopping, The contractors / handy men are working...

In The Know – Luxury Products at Knockdown Prices – A Designer Rug

It’s been a while since I’ve written. I’ve again had lots on my mind. Quasi-health issues.  Money issues, neighbour issues – you name it, it’s been happening.  It’s not been easy keeping up with the reviews and I...
by Pregnant Citygirl on Aug 27, 2013

Three Unique Carpet Designs by MYK

Carpets have been one of those stuff which we buy because of the unique artworks attached with them and this makes every carpet different from the other. MYK has a line of quite a different kind of carpets called the Bommel carpet which comes in thre...
by Interior Design Ideas on Mar 17, 2012

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