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The Top 10 Unmissable Destinations in Africa

The Happy Nomad On your journey to this continent, you will want to know where the best places to travel in Africa. Here we can show you all about the top destinations in Africa to make your... by Bamba Experience | The Top 10 Unmissable...
by The Happy Nomad on Dec 19, 2016

Best Destinations for Every Month of the Year

Travel Bloggers Share Their Favorite Travel For All Seasons If you’re like me, you’re constantly daydreaming about upcoming travel plans, with the ultimate question: where next? Most of the time our travel plans revolve around breaks in...
by The Traveling Scholar on Dec 16, 2016

Our Top 10 Holiday Destinations in Asia

The Happy Nomad Finding the best travel destinations in Asia can be a very difficult task for some because there are so many options for you to visit while you are on this great continent. To help... by Bamba Experience | Our Top 10 Holid...
by The Happy Nomad on Dec 15, 2016

Reader’s Q & A: Should I Travel To El Salvador

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure. -William Feather   Hola, Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of Reader’s Q & A. It is always a pleasure for me to receive mail from my readers who live in the f...
by Traveller Soul on Dec 8, 2016

5 Philippines Must-See Places to Experience Before you Die

The Happy Nomad The Philippines is really a majestic and underappreciated location that you need to visit while it’s still off the tourist track. From bustling mega-cities to pristine tropical beaches, the Philippines has something for everyone...
by The Happy Nomad on Dec 2, 2016

The 5 Philippines Must See Places to Experience Once in a Life

The Happy Nomad The Philippines is really a majestic and underappreciated location that you need to visit while it’s still off the tourist track. From bustling mega-cities to pristine tropical beaches, the Philippines has something for everyone...
by The Happy Nomad on Dec 2, 2016

What to see and do in Ibiza

Good things happen to those go to Ibiza Certain places in the world call our name, draw us like a magnet and the Spanish magic island of Ibiza is one of them. The creator of the universe sure spent a little more time and blessed the island with incre...
by Traveller Soul on Dec 1, 2016

Top 25 Unearthly Places You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Here I've shared 25 amazing destinations which will make your eyes pop and jaws drop. #14 and #28 seems impossible!
by World Tourism Forum on Nov 25, 2016

3 Popular Road Trip Destinations Near Manila

Metro Manila is rife with popular destinations that locals and foreigners can visit and enjoy anytime. From humongous shopping malls to astonishing museums, topnotch entertainment establishments to vast recreation parks – Metro Manila has them all!
by Manila Reviews on Nov 23, 2016

Top 5 Experiences for a Girls Getaway on Sea Island

Five must-have experiences with your girlfriends Heading out for a Girls Getaway on Sea Island? With first-class service and accommodations, world-class spa and fitness facilities, stunning pools, and activities for days (and days and days), there&#...
by The Traveling Scholar on Sep 5, 2016

St Regis Hotel Langkawi

Before embarking on this tropical holiday to one of Malaysia’s most beautiful and jaw-dropping destinations, I had never actually heard of Langkawi before. When the opportunity presented itself to visit Langkawi on the way back from a craz...
by JENIUS on Sep 4, 2016

Driving to Bandung

Last weekend I took the family to Bandung for the weekend just to break up the normal routine. We stayed in the same hotel as last time, the Ibis Styles Braga but choose the family room so it would be easier.This time we used my works driver and car...
by Jakarta News on Sep 3, 2016

Surreal and Offbeat Hill Stations around Delhi

While the vast majority of the best-known tourist places close to Delhi are swarming with sightseers amid the peak seasons, it’s generally better to go to spots that are lesser known. There are various offbeat destinations close to Delhi that h...
by best places of interest on Sep 2, 2016

Rocking Sedona Rocks

Have you visited the Sedona rocks?  If not, they’re quite a sight to see.  From sunrise to sunset, you’ll notice the colors vary throughout the day.  Do you remember filling jars as a kid with different colors of sand?  Well, when you...
by travelappstars on Sep 2, 2016

Free Camp Spots In Victoria

Are you a resident of Victoria and planning to go for a camping trip on your next holiday? Well, you would be delighted to know that there are plenty of spots in the state where you can actually camp for free.
by World Tourism Forum on Aug 30, 2016

Eating well in Budapest – Taste Hungary’s Culinary Walk

If you’re anything like me, you will be well acquainted with the long process of scouring TripAdvisor and local guides for food recommendations in every new city you travel to. But I have to say – when you’ve been planning every aspect of an it...
by JENIUS on Aug 28, 2016

Cruising Seattle Lakes

Planning a visit to Seattle?  Think about cruising Seattle Lakes for some of the best views of the area as you cruise out of the harbor. Cruising Seattle Lakes No visit to Seattle is complete without cruising the Seattle Lakes on Argosy Cruises.  O...
by travelappstars on Aug 26, 2016

Shanghai Sundays: Shangri-La Hotel, East Pudong

Shangri-La translates into Lost Horizons, which is fitting considering it’s easy to get lost in Shanghai, where the horizons of possibility and opportunity are endless. The city is an incredible mix of cultures, food, energy and buzz as one can see...
by JENIUS on Aug 21, 2016

6 Overlooked Countries You Should Book For Your Next Trip

Guest post by Jordan Greene Editor’s Note: I’m always looking for cool new destinations for upcoming getaways and this list is full of top contenders on my list. From storybook-worthy Slovenia to exotic – and still some what untouc...
by The Traveling Scholar on Aug 16, 2016

Beginner’s Guide: Wine and dine to the NSW Snowy Mountains Part 3

In Part 1 of the Beginner’s Guide: Wine and dine to the NSW Snowy Mountains, we wined and dined our way through the Murrumbateman wine region and Yass.  In Part 2 of the guide, we went to our first NSW Snowy Mountains s...
by JENIUS on Aug 16, 2016

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