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Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – Nov. 17, 2016

We have is pocket-full of goodies today! Airbnb Caraval is renamed to superset. Also, we have MLAlgorithm which offers a rare opportunity to “learn internals of ml algorithms or implement them from scratch” with simpler, easier codebase...
by PocketCluster on Nov 17, 2016

Travel to San Francisco

Hello folks, Due to a short trip to San Francisco for meetings, there won’t be round-ups for this week and next week. I hope your understanding.  ...
by PocketCluster on Aug 28, 2016

Six PINE64 have just arrived!

Back in December of last year, I spotted a cool Kickstarter project, PINE64. It was a new kid on the block and I gave it my try, actually a try of six packs.😉 Here today, they have arrived, with a Kickstarter welcome message, finally!  ...
by PocketCluster on May 2, 2016

PocketCluster Index is Now Online!

  PocketCluster Index PocketCluster Index is now online. The site is to collect all the Big Data tools, services such as Hadoop, and examples for you to take a look and make convenient references from. You can consider the site as a yellow pag...
by PocketCluster on Dec 17, 2015

Apache Spark 1.5.2 on Raspberry PI 2 cluster

This is the second post of a new series about BigData cluster for OS X and Raspberry PI 2. Build Hadoop Cluster …...
by PocketCluster on Dec 5, 2015

Build Hadoop Cluster with 5 clicks

It was back in February of this year when the first set of Raspberry PI 2 (henceforth RPI) cluster was …...
by PocketCluster on Nov 21, 2015

Installer Update Progress

Long time no see. I’ve been working super-hard on revamping the one-step installer lately. Two screen shots from the recent progress. More screen shots and update will come along. Stay tuned! Subscribe for upcoming posts!
by PocketCluster on Oct 19, 2015

[Free Schematic] Raspberry PI 2 Cluster Assembly Tutorial

Since my last post, Raspberry PI 2 Cluster Case pt2, readers have asked if I could open the schematics of the cluster case with detailed assembly instruction. So, here comes the schematics under Solderpad Hardware License. The license is equiva...
by PocketCluster on Aug 16, 2015

The package has finally arrived!

Whoop, Whoop, Hooray!
by PocketCluster on Aug 7, 2015

ARM, Java, and BigData pt1

When one tries to build a house, the first job is to lay down a foundation and level the ground. We are to take a slight detour to find out if everything is solid at the ground level. ARM The first thing is ARM processor. ARM processor was firstl...
by PocketCluster on Aug 5, 2015

Raspberry PI 2 Cluster Case pt2

From Raspberry PI 2 Cluster Case pt1, I drew up a rough sketch with certain goals I set out to. They are, Able to fit in 6 RPI2 in a small, contained volume. Has to be stackable. Able to fit in a power supply and a 8 port network switch for the...
by PocketCluster on Jul 23, 2015

One Step Spark/Hadoop Installer for OSX v0.1.0

TLDR: This installer lets you have a single-node Spark/Hadoop cluster similar to a data center cluster on your laptop. You can download it here. Today, I am going to release One-step Apache Spark/Hadoop installer for OSX v0.1.0. This has been in...
by PocketCluster on Jul 15, 2015

Raspberry PI 2 Cluster Case pt1

Once we have bunch of Raspberry PI 2s (RPI2 from now on) and an Apache Spark/Hadoop image file, there is one subtle issue we need to take care of; the case for cluster. Look at my cluster setup. White & black cables tangled up all around. It take...
by PocketCluster on Jul 7, 2015

Apache Spark 1.4.0 on Raspberry PI 2 Cluster

In the previous post, I’ve shown you a RPI2 cluster with Apache Spark 1.1.1 that has run for three months. Since Apache Spark 1.4.0 is out a few days ago, I’ve just upgraded the cluster. Apache Spark 1.4.0 comes with SparkR finally. R h...
by PocketCluster on Jun 19, 2015

Apache Spark on Raspberry Pi 2

Apache Spark/Hadoop on Raspberry Pi 2… Read More Apache Spark on Raspberry Pi 2...
by PocketCluster on Jun 3, 2015

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