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The Photo-Link: A Vital Keepsake/Tool for a RAD Child (or Any Foster Child.)

By John and DianeWith the advent of digital photography, we all take a lot more photos...but how many actually get printed?Not so important to most of us. Really, we post our faces on social media, we email pics to relatives who save them to a hard d...
by Foster Parent Rescue on Jan 28, 2014

Proof of Attachment from a RAD Kid or The Tale of Two Dogs

We had written many times about the usefulness and dangers of pets in the home, especially with children with attachment disorders. In a blog post from August 2013 How Do I Deal With: Kids Who Hurt Pets     I talked about an inci...
by Foster Parent Rescue on Sep 18, 2013

Walking the Thin Line: How to Transition a Suicidal Foster Child into Your Home

by John and Diane I recently posted a blog with some information on working with foster kids who threaten to hurt themselves or are suicidal.  I have been working with a child like this and it has been a delicate balance that I have been strug...
by Foster Parent Rescue on Aug 19, 2013

Helping Foster Kids Understand Change and the Foster Process Through Art

By Diane and John Foster children deal with changes constantly, and not usually under the best circumstances. Often traumatic and unwanted, with a history of past abuse and other confusing events, interacting with (new especially) foster kids ca...
by Foster Parent Rescue on Apr 10, 2013

Can You Teach Joy to Troubled Kids?

We love to share other great blogs with our friends here, and the True Aim Education blog has a lot of really useful posts that can help inspire parents who might struggle with creative ways to educate their kids. Recently, we came across their post...
by Foster Parent Rescue on Mar 14, 2013

Life Rules for Foster (and All) Parents

by John and Diane. We recently re-posted our House Rules for kids and teens, and got a question…”Where are the rules for parents?”  Thanks for the reminder! We have been meaning to talk about this for a while now. Although most of t...
by Foster Parent Rescue on Jan 6, 2013

Watching Trust Grow: An Example of a RAD Child Attaching

by John and Diane. RAD stands for Reactive Attachment Disorder and is otherwise referred to as trust disorder, attachment disorder and a number of other names, but basically refers to kids (in this example) who have had a trauma in early ch...
by Foster Parent Rescue on Jul 30, 2012

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