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naturactor: celebrities covered make up review

last two weeks on my vacation in philippines!  my sister neighbors ask me if i could buy for her here in japan with this brand of make up named "naturactor" Used by local celebrities and makeup artists. she is working as a nail artist of fanny s...
by unwinding moments on May 20, 2014

preventing wrinkles

   last year i was turn to an aged of being more conscious and fear of appearing some lines beside my nose and below my eyes,like any other common woman out there i become more careful for the foods and routine to avoid that to be happen.Mo...
by unwinding moments on Feb 2, 2014

new BB Germanium BB Cream Foundation SPF20 PA++ review

for 6 year years of being a lovers and fanatic fan of MAC cosmetics! i'm thinking to giving it up! it happens that there were times that i just want to try and wear other products for a change and discovering more better make up on what i use to.&nbs...
by unwinding moments on Sep 20, 2013

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