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Diary of rebirth, tome 1 : Apprivoiser de Bridget Page

⭐ Diary of rebirth, tome 1 : Apprivoiser de Bridget Page Nombre de pages :  404 pages Editeur :  Brigitte Legrand Robardey Date de sortie :  12 décembre 2015 Langue :  Français ISBN-13:  979-1095823018 Prix Editeur :  17€ Disponible sur L...
by Songe d'une nuit d'été on Jun 8, 2016

Diary Ramadan #1: Hadiah Adik Seperti Ibu

Alhamdulillah hari ini, telah memasuki hari kedua Ramadan. Ada hal yang membahagiakan bagi saya. Yaitu adik saya sekarang, jadi seperti ibu. Dia menyiapkan kebutuhan saur dan berbuka untuk saya dan bapak, ketika ibu tidak di rumah.Tak perhatikan tida...
by A Lifestyle Story Teller on Jun 7, 2016

Pengalaman Baru di Bulan Ramadhan

Pengalaman Baru Bulan Ramadhan | Assalamualaikum and hello my dear readers. Sedar tak sedar kita dah masuk bulan ramadhan. Kejap je kan masa berlalu. Rasa macam baru je sambut raya. Pantas sungguh masa berlalu. Kadang-kadang menyebabkan aku rasa taku...
by spitoutkata on Jun 6, 2016

Instalab week 22 | drukte achter de schermen

Ken je dat? Zo’n week waarin je niks gedaan lijkt te hebben, maar achteraf toch best wel druk bent geweest? Zo voelt afgelopen week voor mij. Ik heb dan ook weinig foto’s staan in de Instalab van vandaag, want als ik druk ben vergeet ik a...
by BeautyLab on Jun 6, 2016

Relationship Journaling Course – Farewell (49/49)

What have I learned about myself? My journal entry: I can’t believe I’m writing the last entry in this course, my farewell post. I knew that I can be disciplined and diligent but I wasn’t sure I’ll be able to finish this cours...
by ORZOLA on Jun 4, 2016

Review Vivo American Pizza & Panini - Sedap Ke?

 Review Restaurant Vivo American Pizza & Panini | Memandangkan my sister datang menyemak kat bilik sewa aku this weekend, so aku yang malas nak bercanda hingga ke kotaraya Kuala Lumpur hanya memilih untuk mengentertain dia di sekitar Shah Al...
by spitoutkata on Jun 4, 2016

Vietnam: July 20 – 22, 2015

Ha Long Bay & Hanoi Currency: Vietnamese Dong Dinner at Purple Cherry (cute little rooftop restaurant in Hanoi) Legend of Ha Long Bay: during a war with China, the Vietnamese people prayed for help and a dragon came and spit out a pearl which ca...
by Travelling With YeoMomma on Jun 4, 2016

Relationship Journaling Course – Vision (48/49)

What is my short-term and long-term vision of this relationship? My journal entry: My short-term vision is surprising for me as I’m looking forward to meeting her in a couple of weeks. I’m actively looking for an opportunity to take my ki...
by ORZOLA on Jun 3, 2016

Relationship Journaling Course – My relationship now (47/49)

How would I describe my relationship to this person now? My journal entry: The keeping of contact with my mother is not a duty I need to heed anymore, an item on my to-do-list I need to strike through. I have found value and appreciation in this rela...
by ORZOLA on Jun 2, 2016

Menilai Dari Luarnya Saja

Hmm… Kalau dipikir-pikir, orang-orang sekarang cenderung lebih suka menilai orang lain hanya sekedar dari tampilan luarnya saja ya? Orang pake baju seadanya, dibilang gembel. Orang berbadan kurus ceking, dibilang narkoba. Orang tinggi semampai,...

Relationship Journaling Course – How Others See Us (46/49)

How do others see our relationship now? My journal entry: In the last couple of weeks, I haven’t met my mom, we only talked on the phone. So others didn’t really see our relationship or couldn’t notice any changes that might have oc...
by ORZOLA on Jun 1, 2016

Relationship Journaling Course – Three Findings (45/49)

What were the three most important findings of the last six weeks? My journal entry about the three findings: 1. The acceptance that I discovered and managed to put to words yesterday hasn’t only affected my relationship with my mom. The circle...
by ORZOLA on May 31, 2016

Diary of a Chambermaid Trailer

France, around 1900. Coming from the vibrancy of Paris, pert Célestine is procured as a chambermaid in Normandy. In the Lanlaire's villa she encounters the lecherous man of the house and his asexual, tyrannical and jealous wife.
by Box Office Buz on May 31, 2016

Relationship Journaling Course – Changes (44/49)

What has changed in this relationship in the last six weeks? My journal entry: I just read an article about ‘The miracle of acceptance‘. This is the greatest change the last six weeks has brought me—I learned to accept my mom as she is.
by ORZOLA on May 30, 2016

Relationship Journaling Course – My Questions (43/49)

What questions did come up during this process I would like to address later? My journal entry is a list of my questions: – How can I forgive my mom? – Will I be ever able to forgive her? – What will be my process of letting go of t...
by ORZOLA on May 29, 2016


こんばんにゃ~今日はノルンの得意な木登りを披露するにゃんでも家の中に木は無いから、代わりにケージに上るにゃGood evening. Today, I'm gonna show you how I'm good at climbing. But there is no tree at h...
by Lovely cat blog Norn on May 29, 2016

Relationship Journaling Course – Celebration (42/49)

Rereading my notes from last week my three most important learning points were: My journal entry: 1. After six weeks, as a change started to happen in me with the help of this course, I noticed a change in her, too. 2. I was great to come back and r...
by ORZOLA on May 28, 2016

Relationship Journaling Course – An Assertive Activity (41/49)

Choosing an assertive activity and initiating a conversation about it My journal entry: The beginning of this day was awful—I quarrelled with my kids in the morning, was late for a doctor’s appointment and didn’t have time at home to fi...
by ORZOLA on May 27, 2016

Meninggalnya Seorang Ulama; Padamnya Pelita Umat Manusia

Meninggalnya Seorang Ulama; Padamnya Pelita Umat Manusia Akhir-akhir ini, orang-orang di desaku tengah dirundung duka. Pasalnya seorang ulama, kyai, ajengan, atau intinya “Bapak” dari jemaah kaum muslim sedang dilanda sakit. Dilihat dari kondisi...
by RoseDiana Diary on May 27, 2016

Relationship Journaling Course – Reading The Letter (40/49)

Reading the letter to my mother My journal entry: I dreaded this day all week—I have the privilege of knowing the questions that lay ahead, however, maybe this isn’t a privilege after all. Then this day came and I made excuses for not doing t...
by ORZOLA on May 26, 2016

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