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Michelin two starred Shang Palace main dining hall

Michelin two starred Shang Palace main dining hall Michelin two starred Shang Palace main dining hall The post Michelin two starred Shang Palace main dining hall appeared first on New Home Design.
by Superwaitlist on May 1, 2015

The Important Rules of Buffet Table Decors to Serve Meal with Love

Buffet table decors have to be elegant and must blend well with the set up. Buffet dinners are a great way of entertaining a lot of guests at the same time. It’s easy to serve dinner in a buffet arrangement. The advantage of this dinner is the...
by Home Design Ideas on Oct 11, 2014

The Dining Hall Ball

Once upon a time, a little princess invited two of her princess friends from a faraway land to a ball. The dining hall was the most brilliant any of the three friends had ever seen. With ceilings taller than you … Continue reading ...
by The Extravagant Student on Dec 16, 2013

Dining Room - According to The Vastu Shastra Rules

The Dining room is the place where the family sits to eat, have their meals and chat. It is also the place where guests are entertained and served food. Hence it is generally accessible from the Living Room.The Dining room should be designed to...

Dining Room - Feng Shui Tips

The dining room is a place where you take meal, spend time with your family and friends.This room should be a calm and peaceful place. Lighting is an important element in creating a good dining. The flow of energy through the dining room should be ge...

Kitchen Cum Dining - Spend A Quality Time

The kitchen is the heart of the home so by creating an open plan area that combines the dynamics of cooking, eating and living, adds real value – not just in terms of monetary worth, but in terms of quality time too. Whether a small breakfast bar i...

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