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What Affects Your Home Insurance Price?

Your home insurance premium can get complicated, that’s a fact! As consumers, we’ve all been left confused when inspecting our latest premium renewal, as we ask, “How did they arrive at that figure?” When calculating your premium, insurers ta...
by Money Saving Girl on Nov 24, 2016

Five Bloggers in Bed!

It’s not often you get five bloggers in bed together – but this was myself, and 4 other bloggers on a Friday night. Ok, so we’re not actually IN bed…we were sitting on it. The reasoning for our little get together was that we...
by Confessions of a SAHM on Feb 7, 2014

Car Insurance | Top Tips for Saving Money on Your Car Insurance

Save Money on Your Car Insurance One area where most of us could easily save ourselves hundreds of pounds each year is with our car insurance. As we all know, the economy is still in a dire state and with the cost of living rising fast, it seems ever...
by Talk Money Blog on Dec 12, 2011

Winter - Update

In this post, I neglected to mention motor vehicle insurers attitudes to policy holders who elect to use winter tyres. Thanks to RantinRab for the reminder that insurance companies are not always customer friendly. Rab noted that many companies...
by Subrosa on Nov 9, 2011

Dedringer - Direct Line (1981)

Country: U.K.Style: NWOBHMFormat: 192 kbpsArchive: 94 mb1981 -Direct Line1. Direct Line2. She's Not Ready 3. So Still4. Maxine5. High Stool 6. Sunday Drivers7. First Class Tonight 8. Runaway1980 -Sunday Drivers (7", Single)1.Sunday Drivers 2.W...
by UnTime Music on Mar 25, 2011

The UK's Favourite Income Payment Protection Companies

<!– @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –> Income payment protection is a financial product designed to cover outstanding debt such as loan, mortgage or credit card repayments. Should a policy holder find themselves...
by Debt Equity Finance on Jun 11, 2010

AssicurazioniAuto il nuovo comparatore di polizze auto

Stai cercando l’assicurazione auto piú adatta alle tue esigenze e che ti permette di risparmiare? Oggi BeRuby ti da la soluzione! é il nuovo inserzionista di BeRuby, si tratta di un comparatore di polizze auto. Con Assicu...
by BeRuby World on Apr 19, 2010

Go Compare Amazing Advertising Campaigns

The advertising world can entertain or annoy in equal value. The quality of content in some  advertising campaigns on TV sometimes leaves me flabbergasted . Flabbergasted that anyone in their right minds could ever look at the pre exposure drafts an...
by News Media Images on Jan 14, 2010

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