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EL GATO ANCIANO Y SUS CUIDADOSAsí como nosotros los humanos  pasamos por diferentes ciclos a lo largo de nuestras vidas(nacimiento, niñez, adolescencia, juventud, adulto y vejez, los gatos pasan por lo mismo solo que las etapas son un poco má...

The Autoimmune Diseases 5th Edition

  The Autoimmune Diseases 5th Edition Since publication of the Third Edition in 1998, the understanding of the immune mechanisms underlying autoimmunity and autoimmune disease has significantly deepened and broadened. This Fourth Edition incorpo...
by booksmedicos on Jan 25, 2016

Ebola Virus: Outbreak In West Africa Is Over

Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa is over. This information was published four days ago on 15th of January 2016 by WHO. However soon after this, new confirmed case has been identified in Sierra Leone. Exacerbation of the disease may occur in the co...
by Health Center on Jan 18, 2016

Breast Cancer: It’s A Deadly Disease And Rates Are Rising Rapidly

Breast Cancer – there can be no doubt about it in any shape, way or form that cancer in the breast is easily one of the leader killers of women in the world today. According to research released in August of 2015, there is an estimate that arou...
by Health Center on Jan 15, 2016

All You Need to Know About Oral Thrush

Oral thrush is candidiasis of oral cavity (oral candidiasis) and caused by fungus candida albicans. Oral candidiasis is infection of oral mucosal lining by candida albicans. Candida is a normal commensal organism in mouth, however sometime the fungus...
by Health Blog on Jan 5, 2016

Ganglion: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Home Remedies

Ganglion or ganglion cysts are lumps (round or oval in shape) that typically grow along with tendons of muscles and joints, mainly wrists and hands, although one may see in ankles and feet too. These are noncancerous growths that are filled with jell...
by Health Blog on Jan 1, 2016

Laryngitis: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention and Home Remedies

Laryngitis is inflammation of larynx or voice box (that includes vocal cords). Inflammation of larynx may be due to infection (most commonly viral infection), overuse or irritation. Vocal cords are folds of mucous membrane covering muscles and cartil...
by Health Blog on Dec 29, 2015

ZVlogg #022 | How We Went Septic

Behind the scenes of a viral holiday classic!
by The ZBlogg on Dec 28, 2015

Genital Herpes: Symptoms, Cause, Complication, Diagnosis, Management, Prevention and How to Cope with Herpes

Genital herpes is a common STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) that can occur to men and women and caused by HSV (herpes simplex virus). It commonly manifests as sore, pain and itching in genital area. However, one may have no symptom at all and once...
by Health Blog on Dec 25, 2015

ZVlogg #021 | Holiday Stool Transplant

Friends, Family, and Poo. A PERFECT HOLIDAY STORM!
by The ZBlogg on Dec 23, 2015

Galactorrhea: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Galactorrhea is discharge of milky substance from breast nipples that is not related to normal milk production during breast feeding. Generally galactorrhea is not considered a disease and it is taken a sign or symptom of an underlying medical condit...
by Health Blog on Dec 22, 2015

Hypotension: Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Management, Home Remedies and Various Types of Hypotension

Blood pressure varies from person to person, so it is not easy to define what is normal blood pressure, high blood pressure as well as low blood pressure. Hypotension (low blood pressure) in general can be taken as systolic (the top number in blood p...
by Health Blog on Dec 18, 2015

Gingivitis: Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Gingivitis is inflammation (leading to redness, swelling and irritation) of gums. One may ignore gingivitis, because it is minor and have mild symptoms. However, we should not ignore gingivitis, because it may lead to various complications, including...
by Health Blog on Dec 14, 2015

Home Remedies for Gallbladder

Home Remedies for Gallbladder.The gallbladder is a sac located behind the liver, its function is to save the bile that is rich in cholesterol and that is secreted by the liver.Sometimes gall stones or gallstones are formed and inflamed causing pain,...
by How to lose Weight in a Week on Dec 9, 2015

Atherosclerosis a life threatening disease and you must know some simple answers about atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis series (Tutorial - 01)What does atherosclerosis means?Atherosclerosis is a variety of arteriosclerosis which means formation of plaque or atheromas inside the artery by cholesterol or forming thrombus of coagulated blood. It means the...
by Ehealths24 on Dec 9, 2015

Dental Cavities: Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Treatment and Prevention

Cavities (also called dental carries or dental cavities or tooth decay) are permanently damaged area in your enamel (the outermost very hard and white surface of your teeth) of teeth. Cavities are one of the most common health problems throughout the...
by Health Blog on Dec 7, 2015

10 Deadliest Diseases Caused by Mosquitoes

We never like mosquitoes and don’t want to see them around any time during the day. It is true that mosquitoes are amongst the most dangerous creatures in this world. The post 10 Deadliest Diseases Caused by Mosquitoes appeared first on How Africa...
by Jobs & Vacancies in Kenya on Dec 4, 2015

Winter 2015 Animation Auction

Whats the holidays without a bit of animation to get you in the mood. Profiles in History is helping collectors achieve that feeling with an animation auction of original cels and art to Disneyland and Walt Disney World park ride vehicles, attractio...
by Collectors Hype on Dec 2, 2015

Boils and Carbuncles: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Prevention and Home Remedies

Sea Buckthorn Purifying Mask, Slough Off Dead Skin Cells, 2 oz, Sibu Beauty – $23.96 Retail Price: $29.95 You Save: $5.99 Boils are red, tender, and painful and pus filled lumps that occur under the skin due to infection of hair follicle. The l...
by Health Blog on Dec 1, 2015

Anal Fissure: Symptoms, Causes, Risk factors, Diagnosis, Complication, Management and Prevention

Anal fissure is small tear in the mucosal lining of anus. It may be due to passing of hard stool (as seen in constipation) which may lead to pain and bleeding and also sometimes spasm of anal sphincter. Anal fissure can occur to anybody (at any age a...
by Health Blog on Nov 27, 2015

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