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Discovering Baler: Going Around Town

To see the most popular sights in Baler, you only need a day or two depending on where you are staying, the places you would want to visit and on how long you would stay in one location. The best way to go around town is via tricycle. The standard tr...
by The Introverted Weekender on Dec 13, 2015

The Spectacular Ditumabo Falls

Baler is known for its waves that are perfect for surfing, but Baler also has a spectacular waterfall that every visitor must visit. Ditumabo falls, also known as Mother Falls, is a wonderful work of nature. [...] The post The Spectacular Ditumabo F...
by Philippine Islands on Mar 18, 2015

Haler, Baler!

I blame my laziness 2048, Scandal and my day job for the lack of updates. I know I’ve never been that type of blogger who has new posts every day (and I know that you’re used to it too) but...
by Put A Tiger In Your Tank on Jun 12, 2014

Baler Surfing: The Itinerary

Time to tell the legendary tale of what happened to our recent surfing trip at Sabang Beach in the province of Baler, Aurora! This debriefing, I guess, would be mainly for people interested in our itinerary should they be going there for the first ti...
by Akashic Records - Chad Senga on Mar 9, 2013

Places to Visit in Baler

Every time I tell someone that I want to go to Baler, the first thing that they ask me is – where’s that? For many, the Baler they know is located in Quezon province and besides that, they have no idea what’s really in Baler. I’m not sure if...
by The Philippine Travelogue on May 9, 2012

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