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Another way dogs save lives!

If you’ve ever donated blood, you understand just how easy it is and how life-saving it can be. Did you know your dog can donate too? There is a constant need for canine blood, for the same reasons human blood is such a precious commodity. It&r...
by Comfort From Critters on Dec 30, 2015

Amazing Conservation Dogs!

Our companion animals continue to amaze me with their abilities and in the ways they improve all of our lives. “Conservation dogs” are a great, and unique, example. These are highly trained dogs, who canvass for animals, scat, rare plant...
by Comfort From Critters on Dec 26, 2015

10 Surefire Signs Your Dog LOVES You!

We all assume it, but maybe we shouldn’t. Not when neuroscientists and animal behaviorists will back us up! Here’s some quick, easy and fun ways to know for sure your pooch thinks you’re pretty awesome! 1 – Your dog greets yo...
by Comfort From Critters on Sep 14, 2015

6 Tips for Summer Road Trips with Your Dog

Source By Chelsy Ranard With the longer days and warmer nights it’s now the best time to go road tripping. Whether it’s traveling for family reunions, weddings, or just for adventure, sometimes you have to bring your furry friend along or you wan...
by BunkBlog on Jul 23, 2015

Dogs Can Catch Our Yawns!?!

                Yawing sure seems to be contagious. You see someone do it, and it’s hard to resist it yourself. Studies now suggest that our ability to yawn is directly related to our ability to s...
by Comfort From Critters on Jun 4, 2015

Decoding Your Dog Infographic

by BunkBlog on May 28, 2015

Dog Breed Information

Basically, a dog is loyal to a kind master and due tot his has been thought of as man’s best friend. For a dog, class distinction or race is not important. For the most part of human history, the dogs [...]The post Dog Breed Information appeare...
by All About Dogs | Dog-Guides.US on Aug 20, 2013

Fun Help for Selecting the Right Breed

by Carrie Boyko, CEB This dog breed infographic is one of the funniest and yet mostly accurate tools I've seen yet. I hope you all enjoy the humor and entertainment, as well as the helpful info in this great flow chart: Doggyloot - Discover new do...
by All Things Dog Blog on Jul 31, 2012

Dog Age Calculator – Dog Years To Human Years

Converting Dog Years To Human Years – Dog Age Calculator For years we have wanted to equate a dog’s age with our age.  The general rule of thumb has been  each dog year converts into seven human years.  Dog behaviorists and dog profess...
by Jim Hodges Dog Training on Mar 21, 2012

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