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Dog Motivation – Praise and Consequence

Dog Motivation Is The Key To A Happy Pack As a Leader of the Pack Dog Trainer, dog motivation is very important to me.  There are two very distinct forms of motivation in dogs.  They are Praise and Consequence.   I will touch base on what each on...
by Jim Hodges Dog Training on Aug 20, 2013

Preparing Your Puppy for a Life of Happy Vet Visits

by Carrie Boyko While at the vet with my pack recently, one of the pet nurses commented on how amiable all three of my dogs are when they come in for their regular exams and vaccinations. She went on to explain that many of the dogs who visi...
by All Things Dog Blog on May 27, 2010

Dog obedience: Stop the jumping!

Does your dog jump all over visitors? Does he even jump all over you when you first get home? Does he fail to quit jumping when you give the command to stop?Every dog is a different personality, but here are some tips that might work for you:First, y...
by Marte's Doggie Blog on Mar 16, 2009

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