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Shoulder Dragon Tattoo

Young male with flowers tattoo on his arm, sun tattoo on his back, and dragon tattoo on his shoulder.Bearded man with shoulder dragoon tattoo.A rocker musician having dragon head tattoo on his shoulder.Black male with long dragon tattoo from arm, thr...
by Dragon Tattoo on May 9, 2009

Koi Dragon Tattoos

A man body tattooed with koi, flowers, skulls, tribal, and dragon tattoo.Koi fish and dragon tattoo on a male's sleeve.Japanese man with koi and dragon tattoos on his chest being tattooed by tattoo artist.
by Dragon Tattoo on Apr 7, 2009

Small Dragon Tattoo

A woman with her baby having black small dragon tattoo on her arm.Angelina Jolie having small dragon tattoo on her upper arm.A female having small dragon tattoo on her chest.Black woman having small tribal dragon tattoo on her upper arm.
by Dragon Tattoo on Mar 25, 2009

Chest Dragon Tattoo

Dragon tattoo on a handsome male's chest.A fat old man having Chinese dragon head tattoo surrounding his nipple.Muscled black male with round dragon tattoo on his chest.Sexy good looking male having beautiful dragon tattoo on his chest.A man with bla...
by Dragon Tattoo on Mar 17, 2009

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