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Virgin Suicide: Virgin Suicide

Recordings began in February 2014 with producer Lars Vognstrup (Lars & The Hands Of Light), but it has taken until this Monday for retro-rocking Virgin Suicide to get their debut full length out, in part because of a long distance collaboration...
by ALL SCANDINAVIAN on May 20, 2015

[TOP TRACKS 40-2014] 5. Play The Fool (Chromeo) + Menção Honrosa para The Away Days com "Your Colour"

Passado o Natal e seguindo para o que interessa para acabar o TOP das músicas mais interessantes de 2014, queria hoje deixar aqui uma menção honrosa a uma banda que apareceu assim tipo "do nada", mas que tem andado a encantar bastante m...
by Kraak FM <'+++< on Dec 26, 2014

Kraak FM <'+++< e o Natal '14 + [TOP TRACKS 40-2014] 6. Can't Do Without You (Caribou)

Nesta época natalícia e prosseguindo o TOP TRACKS 40-2014, nada como deixar por aqui mais alguns temas viciantes do ano de 2014. Assim sendo e já quase a chegar à meta, na posição #8, apresentam-se os TV on the Radio com "Happy Idiot&quo...
by Kraak FM <'+++< on Dec 24, 2014

Paper Aeroplanes reveal video for new single Guessing Game

Paper Aeroplanes reveal video for new single Guessing GameLast year Paper Aeroplanes took their stunning concoction of Dream-Pop to over one hundred venues, selling out at London's Bush Hall as well as many other venues across the UK and Germany. The...
by MusicMafiaUK on Oct 31, 2014

Sweden dreampoppers Mountain Bird to release new single

Sweden dreampoppers Mountain Bird to release new single Like Sigur Ros? You need to check out Mountain Bird's new track 'The Visitor'.
by Never Enough Notes on May 21, 2014

Pizzaboys: Sharing

He has been with us as half of electropop duo Sameblod since a SpaceScan back in 2011, but now Frederick Rundqvist is also going solo as Pizzaboys. Two songs have been made available for the public ear so far, instrumental krautpop track ‘Day&#...
by ALL SCANDINAVIAN on Apr 25, 2014

Delay Trees: Readymade

Finnish indiepop quartet Delay Trees have been with ALL SCANDINAVIAN almost since the very beginning, and now three albums in they are still doing nothing to shun me away. Au contraire, if you’ll pardon my French, even though their second full...
by ALL SCANDINAVIAN on Feb 12, 2014

Free MP3 Downloads #30

This week's free MP3 round up includes legally free tracks by bands such as MOTH, NO CEREMONY///, Minuit Machine, Candy Colors, and BNLX. Enjoy. Bynar's Indie Disco...
by Bynar's Indie Disco on Nov 11, 2013

Chastity Belt - No Regrets

Cling to the remaining scraps of Summer with Walla Walla, Washington’s dreamy Chastity Belt.With their beautiful hazy guitars, twinges of 50s pop, and plaintive vocal wails, this quartet of femmes captures the fading beauty of summer in all it...
by Aesthetes Anonymous on Aug 15, 2013

Tape Waves – Ready Now

Treat yourself to the pillowy soft sounds of Tape Waves and their brand of ethereal surf rock.Like the gentle sounds of the ocean, Kim Hart’s waifish voice and soft jangling pop gently caress your speakers and are exactly what you want to hear murm...
by Aesthetes Anonymous on Apr 23, 2013

Alexandria: Whatever

All I know about Alexandria is that they’re from Stockholm, Sweden. I only know that much as they’re doing the whole “keeping it secret because that makes us special” thing, which I really thought were a thing of a past decade...
by ALL SCANDINAVIAN on Apr 5, 2013

SLOWOLF: Dance Floor feat. Raekwon

Last year Copenhagen based one-man band SLOWOLF aka Andreas Asingh released his debut EP ‘Seven’ (single ‘See U In My Dreams’ up for free download here) and a couple of weeks ago this video for EP track ‘Dance Floor̵...
by ALL SCANDINAVIAN on Apr 5, 2013

Mt. Wolf | Veins

South Londoners Mt. Wolf return with what I believe is their strongest single yet. Continuing  in great form 'Veins' glistens in all its purity as Kate Sproule's vocals soar above the commandeering percussion. Mixing up their blend of elemental...
by Scientists of Sound on Apr 3, 2013

Surf Club | Swoon

Stockton, CA's Surf Club are back! Following on from their recent single 'Heaven' they return with a warming, and delightfully soulful slice of dreamy pop. With the bands signature sun-kissed vibe at the forefront, a beautiful and blossoming sound is...
by Scientists of Sound on Mar 29, 2013

Deaths | Karaoke Blues

It would seem the old Cliché of being able to find what you want most when you're least searching runs true in the case of Deaths. Running a blog, you can spend hours and hours searching Soundcloud, fellow music blogs and various other places lookin...
by Scientists of Sound on Mar 29, 2013

Float Fall | Someday

Here's the latest single from Belgium duo Float Falls. It's available to buy now via iTunes. f:
by Scientists of Sound on Mar 28, 2013

Dråpe: Memories

Back in 2011 Norwegian dreampop quintet Dråpe (pronounced “draw-peh”) released a grand, eponymous five track EP and now their full length debut, ‘Canicular Days’, is just about to be released (no date yet, though). The lauded...
by ALL SCANDINAVIAN on Mar 19, 2013

Mt. Wolf | Shapeshift

Mt. Wolf return with another blissfully intense single. Look out for the official video next week. f:
by Scientists of Sound on Mar 15, 2013

Ólafur Arnalds: Old Skin

February 25 Iceland’s neo-classical composer Ólafur Arnalds released his new album ‘For Now I Am Winter’ (out in the US April 2), which comes with this Magnús Leifsson directed video for single ‘Old Skin’ featuring Age...
by ALL SCANDINAVIAN on Mar 13, 2013

AA Loves - Founds

As the dreariness of winter drags on, let the heavily Bjork-tinted Founds whisk you away to an enchanted wonderland.Far more interesting than anything I’ve heard in a while, this sextet from Brisbane occupies a space entirely their own in Australia...
by Aesthetes Anonymous on Mar 7, 2013

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