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Dutch Buckets wanted to add a link to this website. It is very informative. He gives great ideas, and how to's on dutch bucket systems. This is one of the cheapest, and effective system...
by TheHydroGuy on Jan 2, 2015

Drip Irrigation System: DIG GE200 Review

DIG GE200 Drip Irrigation System with Micro Sprayers The DIG Irrigation GE200 Drip Irrigation System is a simple and inexpensive necessity for any serious gardener.  Most of us have our watering Systems  set up on a timer to control a general [...
by Sincere Product Reviews on Mar 8, 2014

Drip Systems: 5 Problems You Can Avoid

Drip system maintenance is key to running an efficient hydroponic drip system.  Below are 5 problems to watch for in your drip system.  Avoid these problems and you’ll be keeping your plants from automation gone wrong! 1.Clogged Drip Emitte...
by Hydroponic Economics on Aug 1, 2010

321 Water Bottle: Water Purifier for Traveler

Sometimes, travelers should cut short their ventures and expeditions due to lack of hygienic food and water. A bunch of designers, Gretha Oost, Paul Charlwood & Andrew Howley, caught the problem and came up with their innovation: 321 Water Bottle.
by Daily Bits of Furniture Design on Jan 22, 2009

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