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Having Delicious Milkshakes @ Shakeism Milkshakes

Taste the RevolutionI am not really a milkshake kind of person. Would usually go for Soda than Milkshakes. I started getting interested in milkshakes after watching the "Green Arrow" series. Where the "White Canary" likes to dip her fries in the milk...
by Irvine's Spices on Jul 17, 2016

Hunting for Nescafe Coffee

Today i will be announcing my favourite coffee. Nescafe! LOL. I used to drink the original Nescafe 3in1 every morning. Went to groceries today and started hunting for some Nescafe available in the middle east. Found some new stuff besides the usual "...
by Irvine's Spices on Jun 13, 2016

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