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Danny's La Pietà, for the Love of Art

I met Danny last month across the street from Verdi Square on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.He had quite a lot of nice ink, and we focused on this piece, tattooed on the inside of his upper left arm:This is based on Michelangelo's Pietà, the famo...
by Tattoos Zone on Oct 20, 2011

Three Tattoos from Sabrina

I met Sabrina on Penn Plaza back in June after stopping to admire her tattoos. She has three and talked me through them chronologically.She explained , "I like to get [a tattoo] for every place I lived," and her first one was this butterfly...
by Tattoo Days Gallery on Aug 26, 2011

Michael and his Misfits Ink

I met Michael in Bay Ridge, at 92nd and 3rd Avenue, and he offered up these two tattoos on his forearm:I recognized the top piece as a Misfits tattoo and asked why he chose it.He responded:"They are my favorite band of all time and when I say th...
by Japanese Tattoo Gallery on Aug 3, 2011

The Return of Sal's Ink - A Teacher's Inspiring Words

Once in a while I check in with old Tattoosday contributors and I recently revisited Sal, who works at a video store (Mr. Video III) in Brooklyn Heights. You may recall his Guns 'N Roses tattoo (here).Earlier this year, he had this inscription tattoo...
by tattoo art gallery on Nov 17, 2009

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