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Make money by doing simple tasks

As I discussed how to earn money from social media sites on my another blog,  am giving some useful sites here to earn money daily from home at spare time. No prior experience needed, work with simple tasks and make genuine income without invest...
by Part time jobs from home on Oct 24, 2011

Revenue sharing

Internet has lot of earning opportunities. This blog provides some genuine information to make money online.One such way is revenue sharing. Sharing the profits between the partners is revenue sharing. Many revenue sharing sites are available to earn...
by Part time jobs from home on Aug 18, 2011

getting out of debt: step two

Ok. So how was your list? Did you make one? It looks nasty, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I’m sure lots of people have it worse. But if you didn’t make one, I don’t blame you. It takes a lot to face one’s fears. And not everybody can make it.
by Buhay Bahay-Bahayan on Jul 2, 2009

getting out of debt: step one

As I previously mentioned, debt is very much a part of our lives. When we’re riding a public utility vehicle like a jeepney, FX, or taxi, we are in debt to the operator/driver until we pay for our fare. In the same way, when we are dining out, we a...
by Buhay Bahay-Bahayan on Jun 22, 2009

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