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Music Video: Young M.A – EAT

Young M.A premieres the official video for her new single “EAT”. Directed by Piece By Guy. Be on the lookout for a new project to drop early next year.
by New Hip Hop Music on Dec 3, 2016

Benue State Declares Fridays Work Free Day For Farming

Due to the current Economic downturn, Benue State has declared every Friday a work free day to enable workers in the state work on their farms so as to be able to produce food for their families to eat. The work free friday begins today, June 10 and...
by Oh Zina on Jun 10, 2016

Wordless Wednesday!

Today I am joining in with the theme wordless Wednesday. Join me tomorrow when I tell you about this amazing dish and how I found [...] The post Wordless Wednesday! appeared first on Everyday Life.
by Everyday Life on Jun 8, 2016

Silly Sunday – Sharing Of Marriage

bethere2day - Silly Sunday - Sharing Of Marriage - Sunday is the place to come for weekly laughs. The rules are simple, just have fun. Silly Sunday – Sharing Of Marriage...

My All-Day Breakfast Warburtons Giant Crumpets Experiment

Although regarded as the most important meal of the day, I must confess that my breakfast is pretty boring. Each morning, I have a bowl of Cheerios, a glass of juice and a coffee. Occasionally – and I mean very occasionally – I might hav...
by The DADventurer on Apr 10, 2016

Postcard & Tag: Posting And Tagging Abound, No Card Required

How much do you really know about the city you live in? And how many places do you visit regularly? Take Dublin. If you live in Dublin, do you know where the best Guinness is to be found? How about the best Italian restaurant? If visitors land on you...
by iPhoneGlance on Mar 25, 2016

Review: Lakeland Furniture Leather Dining Chairs

Since Toddler L – then named Baby L – started weaning at six months old, we’ve tried to view mealtimes as one of the most important parts of the day. This has meant, where possible, ensuring that the majority of meals are eaten at...
by The DADventurer on Jan 31, 2016

Top 3 Best Foods To Eat Before Bed

You’ve likely heard that you shouldn’t eat after 6pm or, is it 7pm? So-called fitness experts would like you to believe that everything you consume after that “magical” time will The post Top 3 Best Foods To Eat Before Bed appeared first on...
by Jobs & Vacancies in Kenya on Jan 16, 2016

Things To Consider When Going On A Dog-Friendly Holiday

Much like having a baby, life changes when you get a dog. You’re responsible for the well-being of the furry, little canine, so have to consider their needs and how they fit into your life. Things like training, feeding, exercise, mental sti...
by The DADventurer on Dec 20, 2015

Black Axe Mangal

Meat, Spice and All Things NiceIf you can battle your way out of the carnage of Highbury & Islington station on match night (or perhaps don’t be an idiot like yours truly and plan your journey a little better), then Black Axe Mangal for all the...
by The Little Brown Book on Dec 1, 2015

4 Things I’ve Learnt From Baby Swimming Lessons

After participating in the best part of 30 baby swimming lessons with Water Babies, I like to think that I’ve come up with a few shortcuts, hints and hacks to ensure that Toddler L is as happy as can be when it comes to pre, during and post s...
by The DADventurer on Nov 19, 2015


A Frith St FavouriteEnter Barrafina and all things Spanish in Soho. 1st in the Barrafina clan, this one is fresh, bright and decorated with that royal blue and white which makes even the dreariest of days a distant memory. This is another one for tim...
by The Little Brown Book on Nov 5, 2015


Happy PlaceI've had an ongoing love affair with Lisa's for some time now. If I'm not tucked into a corner of this Swedish hideaway on a Thursday night in Notting Hill, it's most likely because I have been abducted and carried off to a faraway land, k...
by The Little Brown Book on Nov 3, 2015

Detox Days – the Beginning

Re-training your taste buds to be excited about what is often referred to as “Rabbit food”can be very challenging… Take Me for example – if the food is not fatty, meaty, gooey and lush, don’t even talk to me about it, le...
by Greedy Foodster on Oct 27, 2015


A Speedy Lunch SpotA cheeky lunch meeting is always welcome and if you happen to be near the Strand, Ludenwic may well be your answer. Perched within easy reaching distance from Holborn, Chancery Lane, Covent Garden and theatre land, d...
by The Little Brown Book on Oct 20, 2015

South Africa's Food Revival

I find it fascinating how South Africa's Heritage Day has evolved over time and how the focus of the holiday has shifted towards uniting aspect of culture: food.
by One Carry-On Travel on Sep 24, 2015

EAT: River Vibe, Bangkok, Thailand

RIVER VIBE, BANGKOK, THAILAND River Vibe Website OVERALL RATING: 44/50 $ – $$ A rooftop bar with a panoramic view of the river and Bangkok skyline away from the crowds Atmosphere 10/10 River Vibe is a rooftop restaurant and bar that provides a 18...
by Travelling With YeoMomma on Sep 18, 2015

When you’re ill, eat well for speedy recovery

No one prays to fall ill, but we do take ill, nevertheless. And it happens that when we are ill and the physician prescribes drugs, it is almost always that we must eat first before we take most drugs. Family doctor, Femi Awoniyi, says more than ever...
by Jobs & Vacancies in Kenya on Sep 8, 2015

When you’re ill, eat well for speedy recovery

No one prays to fall ill, but we do take ill, nevertheless. And it happens that when we are ill and the physician prescribes drugs, it is almost always that The post When you’re ill, eat well for speedy recovery appeared first on How Africa. Read...
by Jobs & Vacancies in Kenya on Sep 8, 2015

Waffle On @ The Watch House

Waffling On Bermondsey has another gem to add to the area's collection of super spots. With Cecil's providing a 1930's taste of the orient, Casse Croute serving up authentic French cuisine, Bermondsey Arts Club bringing an array of beautiful boo...
by The Little Brown Book on Sep 8, 2015

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