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Different Types Of Perfumes Every Girl Needs to Know

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by on Jun 9, 2016

Harga Parfum Vitalis Beserta Kelebihannya

Parfum Vitalis sudah sangat umum ditemui dimanapun. Produk yang satu ini memang memiliki harga yang cukup terjangkau dan aromanya yang manis tentu membuat parfum Vitalis memiliki pelanggan setia dari kalangan wanita. Harga parfum Vitalis untuk body s...

Wunderwasser eau de cologne review

Stromen de nostalgische herinneringen al bij je naar boven bij het zien en horen van 4711 Eau de Cologne? Bij mij wel! In mijn gedachten zie ik het welbekende flesje nog staan in het badkamerkastje van mijn opa en oma.… Lees verder... Het ber...
by BeautyLab on May 13, 2015

L’Occitane Provencal Eau de Cologne Collection Just in Time for Summer

The L’Occitance Provencal Eau de Cologne Collection includes Eau Ravissante, Eau Universelle, Eau Captivante and the limited edition of Eau Spontanee. The colognes in the collection is inspired by the fountains of Provence and offers up a blend of...
by NYC Single Mom on Jun 19, 2013

What is the Difference Between Perfume and Eau De Toilette?

Earlier, using fragrance was only known by the name of perfume. However, different categories have been launched that follow the name perfume starting from ‘eau de parfum’, then ‘eau de toilette’ and at the end [...]...
by Whatisall on Jul 21, 2012

History of Eau de Cologne

  As being a Mediterranean girl colognes takes a big role in my life, I can say  it’s like something I can not live without, Colognes' are usually citrusy but you can find different versions as well, like lavender, orange blossom, berga...
by Mystical Make Up amp Beauty on Apr 27, 2012

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