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The Inspired Teacher Monthly- Are you in?

  New for 2017! This idea has been in the works for quite some time now thanks to the many emails I receive from lovely art teachers all over the world asking if they could have a glimpse of my life as … Continue reading →...
by Art Lessons for Kids on Dec 16, 2016


Ótimo livro para quem é amante de física e quer aprender mais a respeito. Baixe o Ebook Grátis!
by tecmundo on Sep 2, 2016

Back to School Sale Blast: Big Book Sale and Giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

WELCOME TO THE BACK TO SCHOOL SALE BLAST! Click on any of the below book covers to be taken to the page that has more information on the novel as well as the Buy Links! Please make sure to scroll down as each page will consist of many titles in...
by Susan Heim on Writing on Sep 1, 2016

Dom Casmurro, grátis na Amazon

As Edições Textos para Reflexão têm o orgulho de conseguir disponibilizar este grande clássico da literatura nacional em download gratuito tanto na Amazon quanto na Kobo/Cultura, coisa que nenhuma outra editora digital havia feito até aqui.
by Teoria da Conspiracao on Aug 31, 2016

Kobo Books - Reading App Latest Android APK Free Download

Kobo Books - Reading App (Latest Version) is a Android App developed by Kobo eBooks. It is a Books & Reference kind of App with lots of features listed. This App already downloaded around 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 times from initial release. Kobo B...
by Android APKs on Aug 30, 2016


                     Um dos maiores empreendedores do Brasil. Um homem que começou do zero e hoje possui o status de bilionário, Carlos Wizard é referência como empreendedor, e nesse ebook el...
by tecmundo on Aug 22, 2016

Kindle Ebook Giveaway August 2016

Kindle Ebook Giveaway August 2016Download "Secret Picture"-Free on 30, 31 August and please leave a review, Thank you.
by Humour, Ideas and Opinions on Aug 21, 2016

August Summer Reads

August Summer Reads from Amazon Author Warren Brown ...
by Humour, Ideas and Opinions on Aug 14, 2016

Shoe Lifts: Little Known Benefits

Hi my favorite readers! Wearing shoe lifts, whether they are noticeable or not, provides many benefits. It can be easy to focus on the negative, but what’s the point in that? I previously wrote about being grateful for my 1.5” shoe lift. And.
by Booktoots' Healing on Aug 11, 2016

Pragmatic Bookshelf eBooks Collection

Pragmatic Bookshelf eBooks Collection English | Size: 556.47 MB (583,499,959 Bytes)Category: e-Books Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing: The Pragmatic Programmers is an agile publishing and training company. We’re here because we want to impro...
by Tutorials For Download on Aug 3, 2016

Another TKR Flexibility Exercise Using an Exercise Bike

Hi everyone. Many of you have contacted me recently wondering about using an exercise bike for tkr (total knee replacement) rehab. This equipment played a crucial role in my tkr recuperation. Even 8 years post-tkr, I still use it to work on my knee&#...
by Booktoots' Healing on Aug 1, 2016

Where I Get Kindle eBooks Free

My daughter gave me a book I really wanted to read. One night last week I got it out, turned on the lamp next to my bed, and opened the book up.But it's just too hot in here that late in the day with the lamp light on. So I turned it back off and got...
by Cozy Little House on Jul 29, 2016

10 Free Kindle Ebooks: Hike Your Own Hike, Treasure of the Universe, The Road Runner Cafe and More!

Here are your FREE Kindle Ebooks of the day! Remember prices can change at any time. Be sure to verify the price is still $0 when you make your order. Love to read? Get an audiobook of your choice, free, with a 30-day trial of! Amy Maxw...
by Family Friendly Frugality on Jul 15, 2016

10 books Every artist should Read (or try to...)

I happened to be surfing around on the internet recently- to try to find the source of an image- and ended up at the Art Students League of New York (founded 1875), that many famous American artists went to, such as O'Keefe, Pollock, Rothko, even Al...
by Creative in Sea Minor on Jul 10, 2016

Kevin Fahey IM Product Launching 2 – Review and Bonus Notification

Kevin Fahey IM Product Launching 2 – Review and Bonus IM Product Launching can be a long and arduous process – Research a topic., writing the outline, videos for tutorials, web pages to sell it all – including a lot more research an...
by Steven Lucas Marketing on Jul 9, 2016

10 Ways to Make Passive Income

Whether you have a 9-5 job and want extra income or want to leave your 9-5 all together, making passive income is an excellent option for making more money. There are many ways to make passive. Here is a list of 10 ways to make passive income: EBooks...
by Debt Free Living Guru on Jul 7, 2016

TKR Exercise Is Critical

Hi everyone! One of my readers sent me this article about the importance of exercising after a total knee replacement. I thought it was interesting and wanted to share it again. The powerful data never grows old… Exercise after knee replacemen...
by Booktoots' Healing on Jun 22, 2016

Are You Interested in an e-Book That Lists AAP Covered, Insurance Covered, Low Cost, Medicaid Covered, No Cost, Non-Profit, Residential Treatment Programs?

In 2007 I published a PDF File Book that covered the entire United States and listed residential treatment programs and schools that were AAP covered, covered by insurance, were low-cost, Medicaid covered, non-profits, and some were even no cost to &...
by Horizon Family Solutions on Jun 19, 2016

The Lure of the Dark Side

I have to confess that the easy self-publishing of ebooks is a real temptation sometimes. Perhaps it’s one of those inexplicable side-effects of earning a Ph.D., but sometimes you have the impression you have something to say and traditional publis...

Sites For Cheap Or Free Ebooks

I'm having a ball with my new Kindle Paperwhite.First of all, it's fun to find sites where you can sign up to be emailed ebooks every single day that are cheap. Or free! I prefer the free ones. I'm reading about 3-4 books per week now for some r...
by Cozy Little House on Jun 10, 2016

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